Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal offers 16 miles of lock free cruising with wonderful views of the Severn Estuary in the lower reaches. The canal, built as a ship canal, is very wide and there are ample moorings nearly everywhere. The lift bridges are manned, and all you have to do is wait for the green light to proceed. It is a canal of great variety - you have the grandeur of the Gloucester Docks, the absolute tranquility of the Ladies of Purton, and the bustle of popular tourist spots such as Saul Junction. You can visit the Slimbridge Wild Fowl Trust (walking distance from Shepherd's Patch) - and don't forget the Severn Bore is always worth a look.


  • Coal Merchant Paul Davies is happy to deliver coal to your boat wherever you are on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal. There is no minimum order for delivery. 07801 801 472




Epney (Park End Swing Bridge)

Saul Junction

Frampton on Severn

Splatt Bridge

Shepherds Patch