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products & services

two separate resources… all in one place!

We've created two separate resources to make finding the lifestyle products or services you require as intuitive and effortless as possible. Browse a huge range of products and accessories for your narrowboat, wide beam, Dutch barge or cruiser. Plus those elusive and very specialist services you need to help keep your vessel in tip top condition.

If you've enjoyed particularly good service from a company or individual, please let us know.

a waterways guide

to every navigable canal and river in the uk

You will find every navigable canal & river in the UK listed here, each with its own detailed guide. Organised by region and waterway system for ease of use, this invaluable resource is perfect for holiday boaters and seasoned cruisers alike.

Find the nearest bank, eatery, pub, supermarket, Post Office, or any other facility you may ever need, all within easy reach of the cut and recommended for inclusion by fellow boaters.

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features & editorial

for your interest & entertainment

Read a wealth of articles written by professionals and guest contributors on many aspects of waterway life.

Our Editorial Section consists of contributions by a wide diversity of authors, from teenagers too octogenarians, all connected in some way with our waterways. You will find entertaining and informative articles on just about anything  - including glimpses into the history of canals and boating, cooking on board, boating electrics, and all aspects of life on board.

Our Features Section contains current and archived material provided by specialist companies and is full of technical information and guides to choosing or buying specific merchandise. Plus glimpses into the faces behind the companies offering products and services to the boating community.

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narrowboat holidays

narrowboat holidays

Take a real break and cruise the inland waterways and rivers of the UK. With a narrowboat holiday, you will experience a part of the past, roving through our industrial heritage and finding places you never knew existed. Navigating your way through our waterways is a true adventure, enabling you to learn new disciplines and embrace a completely different way of life. We feature some of the best hire fleet companies with the experience and commitment in making your holiday afloat one that you will remember for a long, long time.

featured in this edition...

shakespeare marina

win a cobb bbq

Here's your chance to win one of the most popular outdoor cooking products on the cut. Used by many boaters and beyond. Simply enter your details with a chance to win this award winning BBQ/Oven.

featured roving canal trader

Daisy Hampshire lives aboard NB Trout towing her baking butty where she produces yummy scrummy cakes and all things delicious. A welcome towpath sight on any day. Don't pass by without tasting.

author of the season

Stuart Atkinson is a prolific writer of books about the night sky for children and adults alike. He is hoping to encourage boaters to share in this wonderful past time adding a new dimension to anyones boating experience.

cooking on the cut

Lisa Munday , our resident boating chef, brings you exciting and mouth watering recipes along with some useful hints and tips for your galley. Plus some scrummy stuff for winter.

how to wire a narrowboat

In 'How to Wire a Narrowboat' Graham Mills takes us through the entire process in painstaking detail. He also shows us the best way to wire our leisure batteries. In fact, he is a mine of information.

an amazing story

The 'Voyage of Friendship' is an amazing story of survival against all odds. In this series of letters to family & friends, Sally tells her story from her diagnosis of terminal cancer, through her voyage on NB Therapy, to her final recovery.

narrowboat faces


a social group for anyone interested in our inland waterways

Why not join our Facebook group [faceboat] to share your interests and experiences, ask questions and offer advice to other members. Upload photos and comments, chat and connect with other like-minded people across the UK, and beyond.

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