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Galley equipment for boats including cookers fridges hobs microwaves and washing machines. Narrowboat kitchens designed to make best of space. Improving your galley? Here you will find kitchen appliances for your boat including widebeams and cruisers. Making the most of your space to cook and create.

For most people, especially those living on board their boat, one of the most important areas in the boat is the galley. Cooking on board and having the necessary equipment is an integral part of comfort afloat. A well equipped galley with the right appliances, usually low voltage equipment, can enhance life aboard. Which is the best cooker, oven and hob you can use? Can you use a microwave on board? If so, which type is best? What about freezers, fridges and ice boxes for keeping food at the correct temperatures? Then you need to consider water heating, washing machines and water purifiers.


There is a large selection of white and brown goods available for use in your galley either for planning into your boat or replacing old and worn out units. If you are buying a used boat of course, many of the above appliances will be included and in working order but like most domestic products you will find the need to replace them from time to time. Your galley is a personal space in your boat and resourcing the right equipment for your own personal needs should be given some time for research before purchase. The suppliers of appliances for your narrowboat, widebeam or cruiser shown on this page will be happy to discuss your own personal requirements in detail.

Hamilton Gas Products (Bangor, North Wales)

Marine Gas Cookers.

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Marine Scene (Bridgend)

gas cookers, showers, waste water pumps etc (online discount chandlers)

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Norfolk Marine (Norwich, Norfolk)

Origo Meths Stoves.

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Fridges, Heating and Cooling Systems for marine craft

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