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av & technology for boats

An amazing range of products, from 12 v TVs to aerials and satellite dishes. We have also included internet dongles and navigation aids.

12 volt boating equipment. Find TVs, aerials and satellite dishes, internet dongles and navigation aids to enhance your entertainment on board. av technology.

cello tv 12 volt

Audio and visual products to provide entertainment on board are, for most boaters, an important part of the boating lifestyle, filling those leisure hours with personal aural and visual experiences, especially in the long winter months. There are some amazing products on the market these days, some designed specifically for boats and caravans.

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12volt TVs, aerials, satellite systems. 16" - 22" screens with DVD

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Capital Outdoors

Avtex 12V TVs , sat nav systems and Kuma WiFi.

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Cello TV

fantastic range of 12v & 240v TVs - British & highest quality

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Kuma Wifi

Hotspot Booster Kits. Hereford.

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Road Pro

Practical Products on the Move. Daventry

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Your first port of call for mobile satellite TV. Free fitting

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Wifi on Board

Long range Wifi extenders, 3G/4G mobile routers & antennae

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