hull maintenance & repairs

boat hull care and repair

boat blacking, sandblasting, re-plating...

Need your boat blacked? Need to strip your hull down to the metal? Look no further. We have listed several companies who have dry dock facilities and specialise in narrowboat hull sandblasting,  re-plating and blacking.

Anodes Direct

Figurehead Boat Company


Anodes Direct

protect from corrosion with the finest range of anodes

01621 743 540

Baxter Boat Yard

Repaints; sign-writing; blacking; carpentry; fit-outs; welding & more

01908 542 844 / 07792 229 689

Braunston Boats Ltd

Bottom Lock, Dark Lane, Braunston

01788 891 079

Hands On Marine Ltd

Stenson Marina, Derby

01332 919 009

PIW Narrowboat Services Trent & Mersey, Shrops,Bridgewater

High quality hull blacking, grit blasting & 2pack epoxy coating

07805 061 817

Slipway Services (Kings Lock, Weaver Shipyard)

Middlewich: 2pack Epoxy Coatings. Northwich: welding overplating (Dave Hall)

07715 933 749

Zinga UK (Chichester)

Zinga film applied galvanising, one-component hull blacking system

01243 770 726