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Get ready for Summer towpath cooking

At the first signs of warmer weather and the feeling that Summer is not far away, we take out our COBB BBQ and get ready for outdoor cooking. Using the COBB is effortless and it doesn't require our constant attention. The saving on gas is incredible and I can honestly say we use our COBB almost every day. We've had ours now for over 4 years and it still performs as well as the first time we used it.

Not only is the COBB a clean, easy way to BBQ, but wait until you've tasted a full roast chicken, joint of beef, pork or lamb. It keeps the meat succulent and moist whilst cooking to perfection. Like pizza? Use the COBB for the best tasting pizza on the cut. If you are adventurous, you can also use the COBB for frying, baking and smoking. You'll have passers by drooling no matter what you are cooking. And all with using just a small amount of charcoal.

You too could become the proud owner of a COBB BBQ Oven, simply by entering this prize draw. Why not? It's free!

cobb bbq oven


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