Hannah Pierce

Hannah Pierce, author

Newly single and plunged into life on the water, we follow Hannah as she quickly learns to live with Argie Bargie, her 45-foot narrowboat. In this compelling account of her slightly chaotic but certainly never dull life aboard, we follow Hannah as she tries to hold down a hectic career and social life while learning to navigate the strange new world on the waterways of London.

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Paul Robert Watson

Paul Robert Watson Paul Robert Watson has been a journalist all his working life, and has now written his first novel. 'Cut to the Chase' is partially set on the canal system, in and around Braunston and the Tunnel.

The main character is an ex policeman who lives on a narrowboat, and is on the run from corrupt police and a gang of drug runners.  He makes his unlikely escape on his old narrowboat, Longfellow.

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Gill Shaw

Gill ShawIn this book, award - winning photographer Gill Shaw celebrates the variety of people living on canals today. Through photographs and their own words, this fascinating window into a different way of life will appeal to all those who would like to know more about Britain’s canal - side inhabitants.

Gill Shaw does a great deal of work for charities, especially in Africa, and her photographic exhibition in conjunction with Canal Boat Lives was shown in London this year.
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John Evans

John EvansJohn Evans has always been fascinated by industrial archaeology and messed up his GCEs by spending too much time watching the disappearance of steam locomotives at his native Northampton. Right from an early age he was equally fascinated by canals and took his very first colour photo at Stoke Bruerne on the Grand Union in 1965.  John has an MA in English, is a regular canal and river sailor (renting, admittedly) and is married with two equally boating-minded adult children.
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Stuart Atkinson

Stuart Atkinson, authorStuart Atkinson is an amateur astronomer who lives in Kendal. He has written many books for children, both fact and fiction, and is passionate about sharing his love and knowledge of stars and the universe with campers, caravanners and boaters - with anyone who ever has the opportunity to look out on the sky at night.
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Abigail Joy Tobler

Abigail Joy Tobler’s love of waterways has, sadly, never found her on a canal boat. She has, however, paddled dug-out canoes on rivers in Mexico and Brazil. In England she has enjoyed many hours walking the Thames towpath near Henley whilst dog-sitting for friends over many years. She enjoyed watching the many passing canal boats navigating the locks, and always felt especially blessed when catching glimpses of a kingfisher.
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Steve Haywood

steve haywood, authorSteve Haywood wrote his first canal book against the strong advice of his agent. She didn't think there was enough interest in canals to make it worthwhile. Harper Collins had just published his first novel as part of their renowned Crime  Club imprint. She thought he should stop messing around and write another.

Steve disagreed and in 2001 his first canal book was released to an indifferent audience. "It flopped," Steve said. "It's a great book but it needed promoting. Instead they gave it the rubbish title of 'Fruit Flies like a Banana'..."
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Keith Harris – author

Keith Harris, authorI was 30 years old when I first set eyes on a proper canal and now over 40 years on I’m still a devoted ditch crawler. I bought my first narrowboat from Stoke on Trent in 1986. Then in 1998 I got the chance to buy a fine replica Dutch Barge, Saul Trader, and begin to plan a series of voyages from Gloucester, across the English Channel to France, Holland and Belgium. My books are the stories behind our voyages, and whether you’re an established enthusiast, a boater or an armchair follower I hope you will find some pleasure and enjoyment from my ramblings.
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John Skull, author

John Skull and his wife Biene lived on their narrowboat ‘Speakeasy’ for two years. During this time John kept an illustrated journal which he has published and is now available on Amazon. John has had an adventurous life, from a childhood in Belfast, to a long naval career and a continuing thirst for travel. ‘Narrowboating…It’ll be fun, they said’ is John’s second book.
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Stephanie Horton, author

stephanie hortonStephanie Horton says, “I wrote Narrow Boat Engine Maintenance and Repair to help boat owners keep their engines operational and moving. This single reference tool combines RCR’s practical advice with our engineers’ specialist knowledge, who through years of experience have unrivalled skills and repair techniques. Hopefully readers will agree the content and photos simplify things and help them keep their boats in a good condition.”
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