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emery owl

On a recent walk with my best friend, we were lucky enough to have an aerial display from a VERY confident Barn Owl.

barn owl in flight It was only my best friend's second ever sighting of a Barn Owl.

Six or more fly overs and what seemed like hours following us.

She (just a feeling) ended the display with a low swoop no more than 6ft above our heads.

The entire time her gaze was locked on my friend.

Hence her name "Emery".

barn owl by Keith LazarusEmery can be seen regularly in the fields between Whitminster Church and "Swingers Corner".

She favours the marshy areas, easily seen by the Marsh Grass aka "Sturdy Chives" (its an inside joke).

Although when the water table is too high, she will hunt further afield - literally. Overcast days from 2pm onwards seem to be her favourite. She really isn't bothered by people or dogs.

Whitminster ChurchNote:

Whitminster is on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, just to the north of Saul Junction.

Moorings at Saul Junction are for two days, or just north of Junction Bridge for two weeks.

There are plenty of good walks in the vicinity.

If you want to know more about barn owls, check out this RSPB link

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