the blue planet expedition

the blue planet expedition

We have to know our planet to love it… then we can take care of it


Welcome to “The Blue Planet Expedition,” an unprecedented scientific project, with a mission to explore our planet’s ocean depths and coastal waters, to promote scientific research, environmental conservation, and human progress in finding solutions for the current environmental crisis. This report aims to provide an overview of the expedition, its goals, and the substantial benefits that sponsorship can bring to this remarkable endeavour.

The Expedition:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” is a ground breaking endeavour organised by a dedicated team of scientists, explorers, and conservationists. This audacious project focuses on deep-sea exploration as well as documenting our coastal waters. It aims to unveil the mysteries of the vast and largely unexplored ocean depths, as well as global coastal waters. The expedition will employ cutting-edge technology, including high-tech submersibles, state-of-the-art research vessels, and a team of renowned experts and scientists to push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Mission and Goals:

The primary mission of “The Blue Planet Expedition” is to advance scientific knowledge about the ocean, its unique ecosystems, and the countless species that call it home. The expedition seeks to contribute to the global understanding of biodiversity, climate change, and the delicate balance within our oceans by conducting comprehensive research and documenting marine life.

Furthermore, the expedition aims to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation and sustainable practices. By showcasing the beauty and fragility of the underwater world through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, “The Blue Planet Expedition” strives to inspire action and encourage individuals, governments, and organizations to take responsibility for protecting our oceans.

deep sea diver

Deep sea diver in Cuba

What is the focus of the Blue Planet Expedition?

The Blue Planet Expedition is a global scientific mission in two Bali Catamarans. The assembled is comprised of  5 groups of professionals in their own right.

1. The Sailing group: Captains and Patrons of Yachts with vast experience will collectively direct the expedition along its global route from launch through to its ultimate successful conclusion.
2. The Scientists: Professionals in Marine Biology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Anthropology, Biology and Archaeology will observe, gather, collate, analyse and document the following issues:
3. The Creative team:  Professional cameramen, directors, producers, editors and sound engineers.
4. The Executive producers: Seasoned professional in Marketing, promotion, management and brand partnering.
5. The logistical team: Based at their headquarters in Cannes, France, they will administer the enormous logistical challenge necessary to complete the Expedition.

General Issues:

1. Superficial and deep marine currents: Variations in their velocity, direction, length, water density, route.
2. Permanent winds: Variations in their velocity, direction, humidity.
3. Seasonal winds: Variations in their frequency, velocity, direction, incidence, humidity.
4. Climate changes: Global temperatures, oceanic water levels, existing meteorological phenomena and newly discovered phenomena, earth activity.

underwater encounter, Cuba

whale, Dominican Republic

Quality of the oceanic waters:

Global oceanic temperatures
Presence of plastics
Density of the waters
Components that threaten marine life

Marine Life:

Flora: Species in danger of extinction, consequences over other species, loss and decrease of habitats, new species, invasive species, other regional issues and its influences over the marine flora.
Fauna: Species in danger of extinction, consequences in the food chain, loss and decrease of habitats, invasive species: negatives and positives results, regional issues and its influences over the marine fauna.

Mouth of the main rivers:

Flow: Variations over the last 20 years, causes and consequences
Water quality: causes and consequences
Plastic presence: causes and consequences
Chemical components presence: causes and consequences

Coastline flora and fauna:

Quantity of species and their quality of life
Consequences of the climate, habitat and water changes

Coastline communities:

Ancient communities steeped in ancestral traditions.
New and mixed communities
Commercial activities along the coastlines and their influences over indigenous communities, including local flora and fauna.
Tourism: positive and negative influences
Subaquatic Archaeology: The importance of knowing and conserving our heritage.

Haiti Coral Reef

Egypt - coral reef

What are people doing to conserve our planet?

The audio-visual production team: Truly experienced professionals will create a series of 40 documentaries across 4 seasons of 10 episodes each. This is the principal product along with a children’s series and a selection of short videos of different lengths for various platforms that will be used as by-products.
The Partners: The diverse nature of the partners is to logistically and economically support the project with their vast experience in their respective fields, along with their worldwide international public relations, that will collectively benefit the expedition and its goals.

Expedition Purpose:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” expedition aims to explore the coastal waters and depths of earth’s oceans.
It will seek to advance scientific understanding, promote environmental conservation, and stimulate global action.
The expedition will highlight the correlation between various regions of the world, working together to achieve one ultimate goal.

Team and Technology:

The initiative will be led by a diverse team of experts from various disciplines using cutting-edge technology and research vessels to support the exploration efforts.


Coastal and deep-sea exploration to discover new species and study ocean ecosystems.
Document the impact of climate change and human activity on marine environments.
Contribute valuable insights for research, public awareness, and decision-making.

shipwreck, Balearic Islands

France - seal underwater

Sponsorship Benefits:

Sponsors will contribute towards the understanding of scientific progression in marine biology, oceanography, and climate science.
Will gain enhanced brand visibility, reputation, and a positive public image.
Will demonstrate corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental awareness.
Collaborating with renowned scientists, researchers and conservationists to raise awareness of the Blue Planet Expedition project.


The expedition aims to connect humanity with the oceans through scientific research visuals awareness and storytelling.
To inspire individuals, governments, and organisations in an effort to protect the earth’s oceans and ecosystems, highlighting the importance of knowledge in caring for our planet.

Overall Impact:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” will emphasise the collective responsibility in protecting and preserving the earth’s oceans.

Bioglobe was founded to support and promote the environment and we are proud to be facilitating the Blue Planet scientific expedition, which will set out to explore the coastal waters around the world, in order to document the effect of climate change and pollution on our coastal waters. The expedition has secured significant funding and we are charged with the task of securing the remainder of their budget in order for them to be able to complete the expedition.

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waterways management show and floodex

waterways management show and floodex

register for free entry

By pre-registering, you will be kept updated with news and notice of when full exhibitor list and seminar programme will go live. 

The Waterways management Show should be of interest to anyone who operates, manages or has responsibility for the upkeep of our inland waterways, including volunteers. It’s not about the boats and leisure activities around the waterways, but more about keeping and improving our waterways. The event runs on 22nd & 23rd November at Excel exhibition centre in London’s docklands.

The Waterways Management Show will be a must attend event for anyone working within organizations  around the planning, maintenance and management of rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, harbours and marinas. This includes local authorities as well as commercial enterprises and volunteers. There will be a wide range of CPD accredited seminars, hosted by expert speakers, to attend free of charge to complement the exhibition stands and special features.

One of the presentations will be from Canal & River Trust, which is Canal & River Invasive Species Eradication Project, which we hope many will find interesting. There is a two day SuDS Theatre, a Floodex Theatre, which will be mostly Environment Agency presentations on the first day and a two day Waterways Management Theatre.

Canal & River Trust will have a stand at the show, with a working model and will be presenting in the Waterways Theatre. This important support will help tremendously in raising the profile of this important event and make a valuable contribution to its content.

waterways management show

waterways management exhibition stand

Apart from making a valuable contribution to water level management and thereby having a positive impact on flood incidents, there is a whole other world around our inland waterways, which embraces farming & estates, infrastructure, leisure facilities, real estate, flora, fauna and the general environment, that have an impact.

This event aims to showcase the best products and services that will be valuable in getting the job done, from the lab to the field. Visitors will be able to talk to experts, suppliers. educators and thought leaders across a range of subjects, leaving the Waterways Management Show better equipped to deal with the pressures of inland waterways and surrounding land management.

Other valuable contributors and supporters across the events include: Inland Waterways Association, Rivers Trust, Environment Agency, CIWEM, CIRIA with susdrain, Institute of Fisheries Management, CAMELLIA and National Association of Drainage Contractors. We are also delighted to announce CanalsOnline Magazine as our most recent partner.

There has been fantastic interest in this new event, that we see as the 'third leg of the stool', having launched Floodex, then adding the National Drainage Show, to present an event that truly showcases a holistic approach to water level management and aims to gather most of the interested parties under one roof, on an annual basis.

Being collocated with Floodex, means many interested stakeholders will already be visiting, but this is an event for many that are focussed on management, upkeep and restoration of our inland waterways, such as rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs, as well as the fens, the land that surrounds them and other lowlands.

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) will be presenting either their new recommendations, or an update on what the government has done since their last report. In the 2022 report the NIC recommended stricter controls on new property developments. They said that nearly £12bn of investment in drainage infrastructure over the next thirty years will be necessary to stop thousands more homes and businesses from flooding, due to inadequate drainage. Hopefully, the new report will be available, by the time the show comes around and will make for an interesting presentation.

moorhen on rubbish in canal


National Drainage Show Sits Perfectly Between two Other Events

There is a lot more to come for the National Drainage Show, which has the added bonus of being sandwiched between the Homes UK show and Futurescape, the commercial landscaping event, both of which will attract their fair show of developers, planners contractors and local authorities, who will then be welcomed to come into our event, if interested.

As a trade show, entry is free and you can register for a free ticket via  the website

All seminars are open and free to attend.

waterways management

For further information, please contact:

01327 876251

nothing but padlocks

nothing but padlocks

the boater's preferred security padlock

The product we are about to discuss is available at 20% off of RRP for a limited time.

A boater who leaves their vessel unattended for any time, be it two days, two weeks or even more, has only one thing on their mind. Security. How safe is my boat going to be? Unless you are moored in a secure marina, or have berths around other boaters, mooring up somewhere unknown and alone could be a risk. The importance of the best padlock is therefore a high priority for any boater wanting to secure their boat to the best of their ability.

We were approached by the UKs leading supplier of padlocks, NothingbutPadlocks, and asked if we would carry out a survey among boaters, to find out which padlock the crew favoured as the best option for the job, from a point of view of security, water protection and ease of use.

We were duly sent a selection of seven padlocks which included chrome combination padlocks,
marine combination padlocks, weatherproof padlocks and waterproof Diskus padlocks. We then began to conduct the survey.

boat padlocks

Being moored at that time in a busy location, we found ourselves with plenty of floating friends to help evaluate these products. Going from boat to boat and asking if the occupants could spare half an hour to examine and talk about each padlock we put on display, we soon found that there was an overwhelming preference for the Diskus Waterproof Padlock.

In fact 90% of the boaters we spoke to agreed that this was the best amongst the available choice for both Security and Durability.

Over a period of two weeks, we spoke to many boaters who were short term moored, but were happy to take the time out to speak with us. Most of the boaters we spoke to agreed that the Diskus waterproof padlock was by far the best, because of it's design, build quality, water durability (stainless steal body and shackle) and the fact that it would prove difficult for a thief to find a way into the locking arch.

Nobody was overly keen on the combination padlocks. Too fiddly and not easy to use (especially in the dark). A number of boaters we demonstrated these locks to favoured The Master, but these were few in comparison with those who went with the Diskus Waterproof Padlock as their preferred choice. The other key operated padlocks were thought to be too flimsy or didn’t seem to offer enough weather proofing. There was also the concern that they would not be a great deterrant to the would be thief. We have seen how easy it is to break a padlock on You Tube. Yes folks, it's out there.

But the style of the Diskus Waterproof Padlock makes it that more difficult to get any tool into the locking arm and mechanism, making it that much harder for the would-be robber to enter your vessel.

When used with the Hasp and Staple, which is available as an important extra, you can leave your boat knowing that you have made it as difficult as possible for any would-be thief who would certainly struggle to jemmy it.

We all know that any type of lock device is only a deterrent to these crooks, but securing your boat with the best available - both for security and water protection - can bring less anxiety and less worry. Plus you will know that you have tried your best to stop thieves getting in, and have a padlock that will not rust.

The Diskus waterproof padlock is manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards. But beware of inferior copies – many of which are on the market!

nothing but padlocks

Winner of the Practical Boat Owner padlock test for salt water and security resistance!
This is a fully weatherproof marine grade Diskus padlock made by ABUS in Germany entirely from non-corrosive materials. The 360 degree anti-cut protection, complete with reinforced plate within the body, helps to prevent the lock body from being cut or force attacked.
ABUS recommend that this product is used with the ABUS 140 hasp and staple for maximum security. It covers the padlock shackle completely and makes bolt cutter and saw attacks much more difficult.

nothing but padlocks

As our name suggests we specialise in nothing but padlocks. We stock a popular range all which can be delivered the very next day but if you require something that you do not see on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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history of waterside cottage

history of waterside cottage

holiday cottage owned by wyvern shipping co. ltd.

Wyvern Shipping Co Ltd is primarily a holiday canal-boat hire company, based in Linslade, near Leighton Buzzard. Our boats are all purpose built by us, and are easy to handle. However, there is more to us than just boats...

If you prefer to watch boats rather than be on one, we also have a beautiful 3-4 star canalside holiday cottage. Our 160 year old detached cottage is a fun place to be and perfect for guests wishing to sit and relax while watching the boats.

Set in a working boatyard, it is perfect for families wishing to experience a different kind of holiday, with lots of boats coming and going. It is a 20-minute walk to a choice of shops, pubs and restaurants in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and a 25-minute walk to a Leisure Centre. Situated on the edge of The Chiltern Hills, there are many National Trust properties, and other historic places of interest to visit nearby, as well as a zoo, a safari park and steam railways.

The cottage, which has 6 bedrooms and three bathrooms, and includes an attic bedroom and additional small TV lounge (ideal for teenagers), is available for weekly holidays and short breaks throughout the year. It also has an interesting history behind it.

history of the cottage

It is not known exactly when the cottage was first built, but we believe a Mr and Mrs Duffort owned the cottage and accompanying 2 acres of land from 1900 to 1953. I am told that originally the land was used as a sand quarry for local builders and also as a local timber yard.

Around 1900, the land was developed and used as a market garden. At this time, a large apple tree orchard (with the odd pear and plum tree) was planted. The address then became Bossington Gardens. The apples were cooking apples, but the apple orchard, like many other orchards in the 1950s, eventually became uneconomical. One by one, the trees either died or were blown down by storms and gales, until today there is not a single apple tree or plum tree remaining.

Then in 1953 Michael Keef bought the land as a base to run coal-carrying narrow boats and the canal bank was piled with concrete piles to make it suitable for mooring boats. The address then changed from Bossington Gardens to Bossington Wharf and it became a boat yard with three pairs of narrow boats carrying mainly coal from the Coventry coalfields to London and Leighton Buzzard.

Michael being a Civil Rural Organiser could turn his hand to most practical skills and set about doing several extensions to the cottage. Starting at the south end, he built on a living room with wooden beams, a dining room and a kitchen and then started to build a conservatory. On the north end he built a Granny annex for his ageing parents.

It was said that Michael‘s wife Elizabeth would stand at the new kitchen extension and throw broken crockery to make crazy paving (or perhaps it was laying the foundation for a path). The cottage had no main drains and the heating was a very old boiler in a back shed. This burnt almost anything from old rags, to logs from the estate, but mainly wood covered in tar from old boats being rebuilt or scrapped.

The coal boats were not a great success and they were converted to leisure boats in 1958. Then in 1960 the company and house were sold to Major John Griffin and his wife Margaret. The land was bought by Margaret and the boats by ‘The Major’. The idea being if the boats failed they still had the land.

wyvern shipping co waterside cottage

Wyvern Shipping - waterside cottage 1963

Michael had been very much into recycling old building and scrap materials and in 1960 some parts of estate were more like the 'Steptoe and Son' scrap yard. Several skip loads of scrap were removed in an attempt to tidy things up. In the Orchard, Michael had kept two horses that did their best to eat the apples, but a strong smell of rotten apples was always present. The Major tried to sell the apples to Bulmer's Cider, but they were not interested.

The Major had a further extension done to the north side of the house, building on a dining room and Kitchen and converting the old kitchen into a bathroom and the old dining room into a bedroom. Two brickies were employed for the extension, but as work appeared to progress so slowly, they soon became to be known as 'Flash' and 'Lightning'!

The cottage was then connected to the main drains, and to this day the cesspit has to be pumped up into the main drains at the end of Rothschild road. All sorts of wonderful diaphragm pumps were used until the modern submersible was installed in about 1980.

So now, after four extensions we have a much larger cottage with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. A diesel boiler was also installed.

The Major and Margaret had two sons, John and James, and when they retired to Cornwall in 1978, John and his wife moved into the cottage. They were there until 2000, when they moved to Milton Keynes. James then bought the cottage from John and converted the two loft rooms and old office into bedrooms turning it into a spacious holiday cottage with six bedrooms to sleep 11 guests.

The cottage was an immediate success because of its unique location elevated on the banks of the Grand Union canal and its central location for visitors from all over the country and abroad.

These days it provides a great location for family visits and all kinds of party reunions. Plus it is ideal for those who enjoy the actions of a boat yard, but feel safer watching the boats rather than being on a boat. A new gas boiler and central heating have recently been fitted along with a third bathroom. Along with all mod cons, it is a great place to stay.

If you prefer to watch boats rather than be on one, how about a relaxing holiday in our 3-4 star holiday cottage. ‘Waterside’. Our 160 year old detached cottage is a fun place to be and perfect for guests wishing to sit and relax while watching the boats. Also conveniently positioned for shops in Leighton Buzzard, and right on the edge of the Cheviots for walks and NT properties.

01525 372355

tiller girl

tiller girl canal holidays

My name is Melanie and I operate Tiller Girl Canal Holidays at Aquavista Sawley Marina and Waterside in Nottinghamshire.

Tiller Girl is our beautiful 57 foot cruiser stern narrow boat, built in 2014 by JD Narrow Boats in Shardlow. The reverse layout, which means the galley is at the back of the boat, makes it convenient for making snacks and drinks for the skipper whilst cruising!

People who visit us on the Marina often ask us how we keep warm and do we have a toilet and bath! Apart from a Morso multi fuel stove and full central heating we have a full size shower with hot water and a toilet too!

There is ample room for up to 4 people (and dogs are very welcome too) to enjoy relaxed, home from home accommodation, requiring them to bring nothing but clothing and food on board for the holiday. We supply all the bed linen, towels and all those little extras such as hand wash condiments and the all important cling film! Holidays are meant to be stress free and relaxed and this is the experience we aim to provide. Our prices are straight forward and all inclusive apart from the refundable damage waiver to make booking more streamline and stress free.

tiller girl canal holidays

tiller girl canal holidays

tiller girl canal holidays

As a family, along with my parents and brothers, one of whom is a Marine engineer (handy!), growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we enjoyed numerous boating holidays along the British and French waterways and the British coast. This consequently has led to where we all are now, live boards, sailors, marine engineers, boat builders and boat hire operators.

Running a privately owned holiday boat is a world away from a long career with the NHS as a registered Nurse and Midwife. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had an exceptional job, meeting and working with people from all backgrounds and walks of life (childbirth is such a leveler!) For me, this is what makes life interesting and varied.

Using many transferable skills from my NHS background, I now enjoy working in hospitality, people and project management and health and safety. All of which are incredibly important in running Tiller Girl Canal Holidays.

springer spaniels on pontoon

tiller girl

tiller girl canal holidays

Starting from our home mooring at Aquavista Sawley marina and Waterside, there are routes along the historic Trent and Mersey Canal where you can find Shardlow the oldest inland port in Britain and the Potteries, enjoy the River soar through Leicestershire and the Grand Union canal or the |River Trent through Nottingham City to Newark and its beautiful Castle. Long or short breaks of 3 – 14 nights are available as well as the new offer of skippered days out along the canal with lunch and or afternoon tea!

Every day will be another experience, another view and another adventure.

If it is the first time skippering a narrow boat, don’t worry, we will look after you from the moment you arrive on board with personalized boat handling guidance, 24 hour help and support throughout the holiday and giving a warm welcome back on dry land.

We offer a safe and comfortable holiday experience having sound relationships with reliable, marine based companies who support us 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Now in our 5th year of service, having beaten 2 years of Covid -19 lockdown and the current financial difficulties that many of us are facing today, we (not the 'royal we' as we are a team along with all our service crew and affiliated companies!) are enjoying another successful season with many more wonderful guests being welcomed on board, new friendships being made and lots of new adventures ahead for Tiller Girl.

tiller girl canal holidays

tiller girl canal holidays

tiller girl canal holidays


*what an amazing experience!

*We had the best week on board a beautiful boat: every little detail thought of.

*Tiller Girl is well maintained and handles beautifully.

*We would recommend hiring Tiller Girl from Melanie, its so much nicer and more personal than a large hire company.

* A real home from home on the water’

melanie franklin pryceMelanie Franklin-Pryce is the owner of Luxury Narrowboat Hire Company 'Tiller Girl Canal Holidays'.

Tiller Girl is based in Sawley Marina on the Trent and Mersey canal.

07739 709 242

is that a widebeam I see before me?

is that a widebeam I see before me?

at the brand new marina in Stratford upon Avon

‘To build or not to build’. That was the question facing Land & Water's marina team after purchasing the 22-acre site adjoining the River Avon in Stratford upon Avon back in 2016.

Despite planning consent being granted 45 years previously there was still some local opposition to a new Marina being constructed just 400m from the Bard's final resting place at Stratford’s landmark Holy Trinity Church.

To the formidable Stratford Society who viewed the sweeping field and floodplain as ‘such stuff as dreams are made of' it was always going to be a difficult ‘buy in’ to the project. Fortunately, Land and Water's reputation in developing environmentally, and ecologically sensitive sites gave the local planning department the confidence to approve the development; the first sod was cut and in spring 2021 work began on digging out the marina.

Shakespeare Marina

shakespeare marina

Two years on the marina has become a tranquil green oasis nestling into the local Warwickshire countryside. Facilities include diesel, pump out, elsan, coal, wood, bottled gas. There are also sparkly new showers, disabled facilities, a laundry and a welcoming marina office. The state-of-the-art rise and fall pontoons have been designed for a once in a hundred years flood so moorers can be reassured that their boat's safe from rising river levels.

The marina accommodates all shapes and sizes of boats and is particularly popular with wide beams as it offers the most northerly secure moorings for bigger boats on the Avon. The marina will shortly be welcoming the arrival of a Nationwide boat brokerage company selling new and second hand boats as the demand for narrowboats continues to rise and what better place to showcase the lifestyle than here at Shakespeare Marina.

Shakespeare Marina office

what light through tender pontoon breaks?

The unique selling point of this Marina is its location – just a hop skip and a jump away from the centre of historic Stratford upon Avon. Many of our moorers are choosing to use their boats as weekend holiday homes rather than heading out to explore the waterways and who can blame them? With a sun-drenched drinks terrace boaters are planning parties and BBQs to run the length of the summer. To the marina operators Geomac it has always been about people not boats and they wanted to create an environment that boaters would flock to and enjoy tinkering around on their boats.

It may be close to the action but the marina has become a tranquil oasis in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. Moorers have been delighted watching otters, kingfishers, deer, foxes and rabbits, but with Stratford famous for its ubiquitous swans, the marina is visited daily by families of swans acquainting themselves with those friendly faces offering food.

shakespeare marina - beautiful location

Shakespeare Marina - night-time

It is expected that when full the 250-berth marina will contribute millions into the local economy and the local residents who have been clamouring to take a look at the progress appear to be extra keen for cafes, restaurants and other facilities to be built on site.

"All we can say to these people is that hopefully these will be included in Phase 2 of the development with our plans to develop this into a real destination location," says Ruth Noon the new Marina Manager. "In the meantime, we’ll be hosting a number of events on site including a monthly pop-up supper club, bespoke weddings, car rallies and marquee parties on the wider site. We’re open to all sorts of suggestions and ideas and local companies have approached us to host launches, training sessions, meetings and exclusive evening gatherings here in the marina office and who can blame them with the most enviable views in Stratford."

woman doing yoga on side of boat

close up of swan

"We hope that we’ll be providing a new and exciting venue for the people of Stratford, and making the marina even more attractive to visiting boaters who will no doubt be spending their hard-earned ducats in the historic town itself."

Ruth Noon joined the Marina in November. With a lifelong love of narrow-boating combined with senior level experience at the Canal and River Trust, she is delighted to join the team as Shakespeare Marina Manager. Having previously established and run the hugely popular Stratford River Festival, Ruth is excited to develop the marina's potential. Her immediate priority is to encourage new moorers and offer great customer service.

wide beam at Shakespeare Marina

shakespeare marina -sunset

Shakespeare Marina logoShakespeare Marina is in walking distance of the picturesque town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire. Perfectly placed for boating enthusiasts , the marina will have easy access to four cruising rings centred on the charming River Avon. The marina offers 250 new canal boat berths within an elegant landscape that mirrors its rural and historic surroundings.

Tel: 07714 095 005.   Email.   Website.

recession, what recession?

recession, what recession?

some thoughts from aqueduct marina

We are only too aware of the country's economic problems. Prices continue to rise, and belts are being tightened all round. It seems the UK only avoided being technically ‘in a recession’ by the skin of its teeth (zero growth). Despite the glimmer of optimism, money is in short supply for most people - or is it? In our sector of the leisure marine industry, boat prices are holding up well, as is demand. Enquiries for engineering and other maintenance work are where they should be for this time of year, which begs the question, where is the recession? Have we not yet reached the cliff’s edge? If the Bank of England is to be believed, we have. Will the wider economy turn the corner before our sector suffers a downturn? Or is our industry seemingly immune - I doubt it.

We at Aqueduct have certainly seen costs across the board increase over the past 12 months, so I’m not going to suggest that a recession is some kind of conspiracy theory. The evidence is there for all to see. What seems to be the case is that the boating community are a resilient lot. Almost no matter what the economy throws at them, they continue to enjoy their boats, look after them, and in some cases, buy and sell them. If our caravan site bookings are any indication, holiday bookings would also seem to be holding up well, which may prove the fact that while it is true that some sections of the population are struggling, some very badly, others are prioritising leisure pursuits quite highly.

I don’t wish to be complaisant about this; I simply question the view that a downturn need not encompass all sections of the economy. But what it is doing is putting a huge amount of pressure on the likes of CRT, whose CEO, Richard Parry, has recently voiced dire warnings as to the future of the waterways in their present form unless the Government, at the very least, provide some indication as to the Trust’s budget from 2027 onwards.

two new certified marina managers receive their awards

Phil Langley, from Aqueduct Marina, and Angus Maughan, from Overwater Marina, were presented their Certified Marina Manager qualification from Tony Dye, Global Marina Institute’s Chair of Europe and the Middle East. GMI is a partnership between British Marine and the Marina Industries Association, the industry body covering Australia, with the aim of delivering global marina training and certification.

Upon the successful completion of their course, which required the submission of comprehensive portfolios of their experience, credentials and references, Phil and Angus have boosted the number of inland marina staff who currently hold the CMM qualification. The majority of those who have successfully applied and been awarded have historically been employed at coastal marinas. Phil and Angus can now fly the flag for inland marinas while demonstrating their professional competence.

The two recipients are based a few miles apart at their respective marinas, a short distance from Nantwich in Cheshire. After receiving their awards, Phil said, “ he is delighted to be accredited as a CMM following his attending the advanced Marina Managers course early in 2022”.

Aqueduct Marina’s MD Robert Parton added, “The CMM/CMP network is a very strong international network of marina professionals and managers. It is excellent to have two more inland waterways representatives joining. Well done to Angus and Phil”.

Aqueduct Marina

Tony Dye, GMI Chair Europe and Middle East, presented Angus Maughan and Phil Langley with their certificates, having gained their CMM qualification.

SBS BoatLife 2023 hailed a success by Aqueduct Marina

The SBS BoatLife 2023 exhibition at the NEC was hailed as a success by the Aqueduct Marina team, who described the event as “positive”. The Cheshire-based marina received a number of strong enquiries for moorings, together with interest from brokerage buyers, those considering selling their boat and owners interested in boat repairs. Much of this interest was generated by Aqueduct’s offer of a free week's mooring or a slipway use.

Aqueduct Marina - show display

Aqueduct display and meeting area at SBS BoatLife 2023

Robert Parton, Aqueduct’s MD, said, “I believe we had a decent few days because the show had grown from last year, the weather was better, so the trains ran and most importantly, the inland sector had a much greater presence, with a decent number of boats to view. All this created just enough footfall. I also think it is excellent for the inland sector to be in an exhibition such as this which combines both inland and coastal leisure boating."

Robert echoed the views of many other exhibitors in saying, “The timing in February is excellent, with customers just starting to think about the summer ahead, and because the main season hasn’t started yet, marine business and their staff are able to get to the show.”

The team are looking forward to a busy season and next year's show which, it is hoped, will continue to go from strength to strength.

Aqueduct Marina Logo"In a world that is getting faster, where time is more precious, Aqueduct Marina stands for something. Imagine more - more time to enjoy, relax, laugh - more time for you."
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ct1 the snag list eliminator

ct1 the snag list eliminator

marine electricals team up with ct1 sealants and adhesives

“Quick, go get me something to stop this water getting in!” Not something you want to hear usually.

Definitely not something you want to hear if you’re on a boat, that’s for sure. But accidents and incidents occur all the time, and its best to be prepared for those times well in advance. Pop into any DIY shop and you will see countless options of sealants and adhesives to choose from. Some cheaper than others, and some very expensive indeed. So which one are you going to pick to solve your water ingress problem?

Well here at Marine Electricals, we’ve made that an easy decision by teaming up with CT1 sealants and adhesives. You may well have heard of CT1 and some of you have probably used it before, so you are aware of exactly how good this product actually is. If you’ve not heard of, seen or used their products before, we’d like to think this article might just convince you to give them a go, and if the product isn’t selling itself after you’ve finished reading, we’re pretty convinced the price we sell it for will be the convincer.

The question to ask yourself is this... Why would I want to buy several different products from my local DIY store for all the different jobs I have to do around the house, or on the boat or in the workshop? Well the easy answer to that is you don’t and you shouldn’t! Ct1 is a multi use sealant and adhesive and it’s available at rock bottom prices here at Marine Electricals check out the link here.

Now for those technically minded reading this article here is a link with the full product specification.

For the others like myself who just want the basic information here we go...

CT1 is the only product in the market with TRIBRID® Technology, making it 360% stronger than a traditional Hybrid Polymer.

With TRIBRID® Technology, it is scientifically proven to have excellent colour retention – white stays white and clear stays clear.​

CT1 will successfully bond:

  • All metals (including lead)
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • All woods
  • MDF
  • Polystyrene
  • Fiberglass
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Most stones (without staining)
  • Most synthetic materials
  • Plastics (excluding PP, PE and PTFE)

Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing and bonding.

Here are some reasons why CT1 is The Number 1 Sealant & Adhesive in the UK:

  • Excellent colour retention
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Approved by NAAF – Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association
  • EC1 Plus Certified A+ Indoor Air Comfort GOLD®
  • ISEGA Certified – Conforms to Food Preparation Standards
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Moderate resistance to fungal and bacteria growth
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibration
  • Works in wet or dry conditions, even under water
  • Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident, and emergency repairs
  • Can be used in all salt-water environments
  • Instant repair and bonding with fibre glass and carbon fibre materials
  • Odourless
  • Does not shrink
  • Contains no solvents
  • No isocyanates
  • Unique flexibility
  • Can be painted – please see product information

So there you go, if you cant find a reason from all of these applications you can use CT1 for, surely our rock bottom prices here at Marine Electricals makes it worthwhile trying? We don’t think you’ll ever go back to anything else once you’ve used it. And don’t forget check out our website  for CT1 and any other Marine products you might need. If you can't see it on the website, give us a ring and we will endeavour to get you what you need.​

Our aim here at Marine Electricals is to take that same personal service which our local customers enjoy so much on our trade counter, and expand the whole experience a little further afield. That is where our website comes into play. We hope that you will find the exact product(s) you are looking for on the site and the price is suitably competitive for you to complete your purchase. However if you do not see the exact product you are looking for, or maybe need a little advice, please do feel free to contact us by phone or email, where our expert team will me more than happy to help you out.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PRODUCT CALL 01752 484 290 or visit our website


galvanic corrosion

galvanic corrosion...? galvanic isolation...?

let's make it simple!

All metals have a “natural” electrical charge . Different metals have different electrical charges. The bronze propeller has a different electrical charge (voltage) to the stainless steel propeller shaft. The rudder has a different natural voltage to the metal hull. If we were to place the bronze prop and the stainless shaft into the water without connecting them physically together there is no problem. Both the metals remain in their original state. If however the propeller is physically connected to the shaft and we place them in water things begin to happen! The metal with the highest natural voltage will try to discharge its voltage to the other metal. When electrical current flows between the two metals (via the water) corrosion will take place. The metal with the lowest natural voltage will be fine but the metal with the higher natural voltage will corrode....bad news! We overcome this problem by attaching an additional metal to the propeller shaft. This chosen metal has an even higher natural voltage than the bronze prop or the steel shaft. This metal is known as the “anode”. We now have 3 metals connected together in the water. Current will always flow from the highest voltage to the lower voltages and the “anode” (highest voltage) will corrode and reduce in size, over time disappearing completely.

The good news is the other two metals remain intact. By “adding” the anode we have protected the valuable shaft, propeller and all other metals below the waterline . When the anode finally corrodes away the next “highest” voltage metal (the bronze prop) will begin to corrode. It is essential that anodes are inspected regularly to ensure they are capable of protecting all the other underwater metal fittings. When the anodes have gone so has your protection! So far so good! Providing our anodes are good, well connected and of the correct size and type we can minimize corrosion of our underwater connected metals.

anodes - magnesium anodes for welding on to a narrowboat


By adding an anode(or multiple anodes) we can protect all the other metals. The anode will eventually corrode away.

When this happens the other metals will corrode.

Obviously we need to regularly check the condition of the anodes.

When the anodes have gone so has our protection!

So far so good. Providing our anodes are good, well connected and correct size and type we can minimise corrosion of our underwater connected metals No need to worry then? Not quite! Let’s look what happens when we plug into marina shore power electricity.

We moor our boats alongside other boats, metal pontoons and metal stanchions. Boats have lots of metals all in the water. Metal hulls, metal propellers, drive shafts, outdrives, skin fittings, trimtabs, rudders etc. We have protected the metals on our boat by fitting sacrificial anodes which in turn are connected to all our underwater fittings. We are not physically connected to our neighbours boat we are separated by the water. Our neighbours boat cannot affect us... Or can they?

It’s cold outside. The batteries are going flat. We need a brew! We need electricity! Here comes the mains! When you plug into mains shore power the cable you use has three internal cables: A live, a neutral & an earth wire. The earth wire goes to the shore power pedestal where it is physically connected to the ground. This is a safety wire and protects you in the case of an electrical problem. Your neighbouring boats also use the same earth connection. This effectively connects all the boats together via the earth cables in the shore power leads. In your boat the shore power earth lead goes to your electrical consumer unit & then to all metal components such as the engine block, fuel tanks, shafts / propellers etc & then finally connects to your anodes. Unfortunately as all the boats (and metal pontoons) are now interconnected via the earth cables any voltage leaks or "galvanically" generated voltages have an easy path between the boats. This often results in rapid loss of sacrificial anodes & increased corrosion of all underwater metals. If the boat next to you does not have anodes he won't worry: He is using yours!

corrosion - no shore connection

diagram - shore power connected

A galvanic isolator does not replace your sacrificial anodes which are essential to protect your underwater metals. It is used in conjunction with the anodes to control additional corrosion paths experienced when connected to shore power. A galvanic isolator does offer protection from both stray currents & galvanic currents which attack your boat via the shore power earth cable. These currents can transmit from other boats, metal pontoons & leaks on the 240 volt systems in the marina. Serious leaks can devastate your props / shafts/ anodes etc in a matter of weeks. Surveyors & boat inspectors will usually recommend fitting a galvanic isolator in the marina environment (They see the effects of unprotected boats all too often).

How do I fit a galvanic isolator?

Isolators are easily fitted between the shore power inlet of the boat and the consumer / distribution panel onboard.
If fitting internally the isolator is fitted in the earth circuit by cutting the green/yellow earth cable and inserting the isolator between the two points.
Isolators are also available for external connection either on the pontoon or on the boat. These easy fit isolators simply plug into the shore power cable and can be installed in under 30 seconds!

Further information or free information pack: or Tel 01977 513 607

safeshore marine logo

Over 24,000 UK boats are now protected by Safeshore galvanic isolators! 20 years of professional service.
Tried, trusted, reliable quality with lifetime warranty.
Safeshore supply isolators for every vessel...  D.I.Y. internal fitting or easy fit plug-in units, offering maximum protection, total reliability and superb customer service.
Guaranteed protection from both galvanic and highly destructive stray current corrosion.
Call: 01977 513 607; Write: email  Visit: website

are you sitting and sleeping comfortably?

are you sitting and sleeping comfortably?

Finding furniture to fit narrowboats can be difficult, but OK Joinery makes easy work of it, providing sit-sleep solutions that combine comfort and style.

OK Joinery Ltd is a family-run business based in Kidderminster, where its saloon, dinette furniture and sofabeds are handmade to order. The firm was established over 9 years ago and first entered the inland waterways sector at the 2019 Crick Boat Show. "Exhibiting at the event was a great success," says director Tibor Kunya. "Our customers really appreciate that we go the extra mile for them. Any suggestions we make are to ensure they get the best possible dinette that fits the space and meets their needs."


ok joinery - single seater dinette

2 single seater dinettes

In order to cater for its new customer base, the company began designing dinettes specifically with narrowboaters in mind and created a dedicated page on the website. Talking to boat-owners at the Crick boat show, it became apparent that storage was at the very top of their list of priorities, so many of the dinette models incorporate easy-access storage solutions. The versatile range of dinettes are offered in a variety of sizes that convert into single, double or king-sized beds, so there is something for virtually any size of boat saloon. Tibor and his team also work with boat-builders to select the right model and finish for new craft, providing the perfect sit-sleep solution for multifunction cabins and saloons.


Among OK Joinery`s biggest sellers is the Duplex Dinette, a multifunctional furniture system with storage in the base.The firm`s most popular narrowboat dinette with cushions that fit neatly under the gunwales. This boat furniture was launched at the Crick Boat Show.

There are a number of other designs featuring different systems that are suitable alternatives. OK Joinery offers Single dinette, Pullman dinette, and L-Shaped dinettes too. Tibor encourages customers to get in touch to discuss individual requirements.


OK Joinery offers a choice of neary 40 plain coloured fabrics for the cushions. The high quality heavy domestic use fabrics are Antimicrobial, Waterproof and Flame retardant.


2 sofas for relaxing

same 2 sofas for dining

There are 100s of colour options for dinette wood work, that when combined with different materials, can create a variety of
looks, from fresh and contemporary to warm and rustic boat interiors. All the products are available to buy online or from the
factory showroom in Kidderminster, which is open to customers by appointment only.

The company offers narrowboat dinette fitting services and can deliver ready assembled or flat-packed anywhere in the UK.

bed on narrowboat

dining area on narrowboat - ok joinery

Tibor, OK JoineryIf you are fitting out a new canal boat or maintaining an existing narrowboat you need to be able to find suppliers who specialise in narrowboat furniture.

With OK Joinery, you can be sure to find something that will suit your lifestyle as well as offering practicality, style and comfort. The quality and unique details of the interior fixtures and fittings will ensure that your boat becomes “a cut above” the rest.

 01562 540204 / 07895 438833