the blue planet expedition

the blue planet expedition

We have to know our planet to love it… then we can take care of it


Welcome to “The Blue Planet Expedition,” an unprecedented scientific project, with a mission to explore our planet’s ocean depths and coastal waters, to promote scientific research, environmental conservation, and human progress in finding solutions for the current environmental crisis. This report aims to provide an overview of the expedition, its goals, and the substantial benefits that sponsorship can bring to this remarkable endeavour.

The Expedition:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” is a ground breaking endeavour organised by a dedicated team of scientists, explorers, and conservationists. This audacious project focuses on deep-sea exploration as well as documenting our coastal waters. It aims to unveil the mysteries of the vast and largely unexplored ocean depths, as well as global coastal waters. The expedition will employ cutting-edge technology, including high-tech submersibles, state-of-the-art research vessels, and a team of renowned experts and scientists to push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Mission and Goals:

The primary mission of “The Blue Planet Expedition” is to advance scientific knowledge about the ocean, its unique ecosystems, and the countless species that call it home. The expedition seeks to contribute to the global understanding of biodiversity, climate change, and the delicate balance within our oceans by conducting comprehensive research and documenting marine life.

Furthermore, the expedition aims to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation and sustainable practices. By showcasing the beauty and fragility of the underwater world through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, “The Blue Planet Expedition” strives to inspire action and encourage individuals, governments, and organizations to take responsibility for protecting our oceans.

deep sea diver

Deep sea diver in Cuba

What is the focus of the Blue Planet Expedition?

The Blue Planet Expedition is a global scientific mission in two Bali Catamarans. The assembled is comprised of  5 groups of professionals in their own right.

1. The Sailing group: Captains and Patrons of Yachts with vast experience will collectively direct the expedition along its global route from launch through to its ultimate successful conclusion.
2. The Scientists: Professionals in Marine Biology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Anthropology, Biology and Archaeology will observe, gather, collate, analyse and document the following issues:
3. The Creative team:  Professional cameramen, directors, producers, editors and sound engineers.
4. The Executive producers: Seasoned professional in Marketing, promotion, management and brand partnering.
5. The logistical team: Based at their headquarters in Cannes, France, they will administer the enormous logistical challenge necessary to complete the Expedition.

General Issues:

1. Superficial and deep marine currents: Variations in their velocity, direction, length, water density, route.
2. Permanent winds: Variations in their velocity, direction, humidity.
3. Seasonal winds: Variations in their frequency, velocity, direction, incidence, humidity.
4. Climate changes: Global temperatures, oceanic water levels, existing meteorological phenomena and newly discovered phenomena, earth activity.

underwater encounter, Cuba

whale, Dominican Republic

Quality of the oceanic waters:

Global oceanic temperatures
Presence of plastics
Density of the waters
Components that threaten marine life

Marine Life:

Flora: Species in danger of extinction, consequences over other species, loss and decrease of habitats, new species, invasive species, other regional issues and its influences over the marine flora.
Fauna: Species in danger of extinction, consequences in the food chain, loss and decrease of habitats, invasive species: negatives and positives results, regional issues and its influences over the marine fauna.

Mouth of the main rivers:

Flow: Variations over the last 20 years, causes and consequences
Water quality: causes and consequences
Plastic presence: causes and consequences
Chemical components presence: causes and consequences

Coastline flora and fauna:

Quantity of species and their quality of life
Consequences of the climate, habitat and water changes

Coastline communities:

Ancient communities steeped in ancestral traditions.
New and mixed communities
Commercial activities along the coastlines and their influences over indigenous communities, including local flora and fauna.
Tourism: positive and negative influences
Subaquatic Archaeology: The importance of knowing and conserving our heritage.

Haiti Coral Reef

Egypt - coral reef

What are people doing to conserve our planet?

The audio-visual production team: Truly experienced professionals will create a series of 40 documentaries across 4 seasons of 10 episodes each. This is the principal product along with a children’s series and a selection of short videos of different lengths for various platforms that will be used as by-products.
The Partners: The diverse nature of the partners is to logistically and economically support the project with their vast experience in their respective fields, along with their worldwide international public relations, that will collectively benefit the expedition and its goals.

Expedition Purpose:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” expedition aims to explore the coastal waters and depths of earth’s oceans.
It will seek to advance scientific understanding, promote environmental conservation, and stimulate global action.
The expedition will highlight the correlation between various regions of the world, working together to achieve one ultimate goal.

Team and Technology:

The initiative will be led by a diverse team of experts from various disciplines using cutting-edge technology and research vessels to support the exploration efforts.


Coastal and deep-sea exploration to discover new species and study ocean ecosystems.
Document the impact of climate change and human activity on marine environments.
Contribute valuable insights for research, public awareness, and decision-making.

shipwreck, Balearic Islands

France - seal underwater

Sponsorship Benefits:

Sponsors will contribute towards the understanding of scientific progression in marine biology, oceanography, and climate science.
Will gain enhanced brand visibility, reputation, and a positive public image.
Will demonstrate corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental awareness.
Collaborating with renowned scientists, researchers and conservationists to raise awareness of the Blue Planet Expedition project.


The expedition aims to connect humanity with the oceans through scientific research visuals awareness and storytelling.
To inspire individuals, governments, and organisations in an effort to protect the earth’s oceans and ecosystems, highlighting the importance of knowledge in caring for our planet.

Overall Impact:

“The Blue Planet Expedition” will emphasise the collective responsibility in protecting and preserving the earth’s oceans.

Bioglobe was founded to support and promote the environment and we are proud to be facilitating the Blue Planet scientific expedition, which will set out to explore the coastal waters around the world, in order to document the effect of climate change and pollution on our coastal waters. The expedition has secured significant funding and we are charged with the task of securing the remainder of their budget in order for them to be able to complete the expedition.

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