recession, what recession?

recession, what recession?

some thoughts from aqueduct marina

We are only too aware of the country's economic problems. Prices continue to rise, and belts are being tightened all round. It seems the UK only avoided being technically ‘in a recession’ by the skin of its teeth (zero growth). Despite the glimmer of optimism, money is in short supply for most people - or is it? In our sector of the leisure marine industry, boat prices are holding up well, as is demand. Enquiries for engineering and other maintenance work are where they should be for this time of year, which begs the question, where is the recession? Have we not yet reached the cliff’s edge? If the Bank of England is to be believed, we have. Will the wider economy turn the corner before our sector suffers a downturn? Or is our industry seemingly immune - I doubt it.

We at Aqueduct have certainly seen costs across the board increase over the past 12 months, so I’m not going to suggest that a recession is some kind of conspiracy theory. The evidence is there for all to see. What seems to be the case is that the boating community are a resilient lot. Almost no matter what the economy throws at them, they continue to enjoy their boats, look after them, and in some cases, buy and sell them. If our caravan site bookings are any indication, holiday bookings would also seem to be holding up well, which may prove the fact that while it is true that some sections of the population are struggling, some very badly, others are prioritising leisure pursuits quite highly.

I don’t wish to be complaisant about this; I simply question the view that a downturn need not encompass all sections of the economy. But what it is doing is putting a huge amount of pressure on the likes of CRT, whose CEO, Richard Parry, has recently voiced dire warnings as to the future of the waterways in their present form unless the Government, at the very least, provide some indication as to the Trust’s budget from 2027 onwards.

two new certified marina managers receive their awards

Phil Langley, from Aqueduct Marina, and Angus Maughan, from Overwater Marina, were presented their Certified Marina Manager qualification from Tony Dye, Global Marina Institute’s Chair of Europe and the Middle East. GMI is a partnership between British Marine and the Marina Industries Association, the industry body covering Australia, with the aim of delivering global marina training and certification.

Upon the successful completion of their course, which required the submission of comprehensive portfolios of their experience, credentials and references, Phil and Angus have boosted the number of inland marina staff who currently hold the CMM qualification. The majority of those who have successfully applied and been awarded have historically been employed at coastal marinas. Phil and Angus can now fly the flag for inland marinas while demonstrating their professional competence.

The two recipients are based a few miles apart at their respective marinas, a short distance from Nantwich in Cheshire. After receiving their awards, Phil said, “ he is delighted to be accredited as a CMM following his attending the advanced Marina Managers course early in 2022”.

Aqueduct Marina’s MD Robert Parton added, “The CMM/CMP network is a very strong international network of marina professionals and managers. It is excellent to have two more inland waterways representatives joining. Well done to Angus and Phil”.

Aqueduct Marina

Tony Dye, GMI Chair Europe and Middle East, presented Angus Maughan and Phil Langley with their certificates, having gained their CMM qualification.

SBS BoatLife 2023 hailed a success by Aqueduct Marina

The SBS BoatLife 2023 exhibition at the NEC was hailed as a success by the Aqueduct Marina team, who described the event as “positive”. The Cheshire-based marina received a number of strong enquiries for moorings, together with interest from brokerage buyers, those considering selling their boat and owners interested in boat repairs. Much of this interest was generated by Aqueduct’s offer of a free week's mooring or a slipway use.

Aqueduct Marina - show display

Aqueduct display and meeting area at SBS BoatLife 2023

Robert Parton, Aqueduct’s MD, said, “I believe we had a decent few days because the show had grown from last year, the weather was better, so the trains ran and most importantly, the inland sector had a much greater presence, with a decent number of boats to view. All this created just enough footfall. I also think it is excellent for the inland sector to be in an exhibition such as this which combines both inland and coastal leisure boating."

Robert echoed the views of many other exhibitors in saying, “The timing in February is excellent, with customers just starting to think about the summer ahead, and because the main season hasn’t started yet, marine business and their staff are able to get to the show.”

The team are looking forward to a busy season and next year's show which, it is hoped, will continue to go from strength to strength.

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