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Peri Pigott - the narrowboat weaver

narrowboat weaverIf  you see a 55' purple boat with large cream flowers on, that is my gorgeous GillyFlower, so wave or stop by and say hello! My name is Peri

After travelling around, living abroad and in different areas of the UK, I settled back in Bristol, where I grew up. I had opened my own Wedding & Events décor business which was a great success, but had decided back in 2014 that land living with all its demands and working 7 days a week, owning my own business was no longer for me.

I remembered a wonderful canal boat holiday I had had way back...and that even then it was something I thought I would like do, to buy my own boat and become a continuous I sold my business and on November 19th 2014 I bought my boat, which looked very different back then, all dark wood inside and green and burgundy outside, also with a different name.

But I wanted to make this beautiful beast more personal to me, hence the interior re-dec and colour change outside and on New Years Eve 2014 I moved on, yes on a snowy, icy winter morn!  But soon got that log burner going...! and I have been a liveaboard ever since and for the foreseeable future would not want to live anywhere else. I just love my boat!

Then a few years ago I obtained a Roving Traders Licence and upcycled small pieces of furniture for my clients.  But then Covid hit and Lockdown came and of course like so many people, I decided that to earn money I needed to come up with something else.

During the first lockdown I had made a tapestry using just a small piece of cardboard, after watching Kirsty Allsopp's craft programme. Actually, I made a few and really found the whole process inspiring and mindful. Which was so needed at that time. I started to look into weaving, got a small loom, taught myself to weave and off I went making scarves for friends and family.

I decided to put them up on Facebook, with a price, just to see what would happen , as ya do.... the idea was to make and sell my products using re-claimed wool but people started to ask for specific colours which meant I had to buy new wool. However, this has turned into a very bespoke little onboard business and I now work mainly on commissions.

The client chooses the colour combo and I choose the design which is created  in 'stream of consciousness' which means that no two designs will ever be the same, giving my clients a completely unique piece! and having not looked back since, have gone from making small Scarves, to also creating gorgeous Wraps, Throws, Bed Runners,  Bags & Cushions!

It has just been amazing the response I have had, the kind words and even better I love it when clients send pictures of themselves either wearing their Wrap/Scarf or of their Throw/Bedrunner in situ - which can all be seen on my facebook page.

As well as GillyFlower - The Narrowboat Weaver, I have also created GillyFlower - Floating Handmades, this is for the crafts that I make and sell on the Towpath off of my boat.

I upcycle tins and jars, make tiles into coasters. and my biggest  seller after the handwovens is my handmade soaps. I make lots of lush and wonderfully fragranced soap for both Humans & Dogs...and they are selling really well, which I am so pleased about. All these items can also be ordered via facebook messenger/phone/email and sent off in the post. Just get in touch and I will send you all the details, pricing and soap list.

The romance of this is that everything I produce is 'handmade on a narrowboat' which gives each item a little story.

I am mainly 'roving and trading' on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal,  where you will find me  sitting on the towpath or on the bow of my boat with my looms, weaving my latest creation.

And all my craft products and handmade soaps will be on the roof, waiting for you to peruse and buy.

I look forward to meeting and hearing from you, all enquiries welcome.

gillyflower handmade crafts

Peri Pigott - narrowboat weaver Peri Pigott has been a liveaboard boater since 2014, and a floating trader for the last few years. She generally trades on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, but also sells through the internet, so don't be put off by distance!

You can follow Peri on Facebook to see where she is trading, or you can buy from her online.

You can also contact her by email

And if you do come across her on the towpath, do stop for a chat - you will recognise her very distinctive narrowboat!