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moored boats barge association conduct survey on mooring prices

Why do boat owners decide to live “afloat”? Are the reasons changing? If affordability was important then how do you know what it’s going to cost? Has the pandemic made it more difficult to pay for where you and your boat live? Can you help all UK liveaboards achieve the best deal for each of us?
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Little Venice brigadoon! launches in london

Roving Traders — canal boat owners licensed to sell goods and services on UK canals — have to be mad.  Consider the challenge of living sideways in an improbably elongate tube.  Now consider shoehorning a business in there with you.  And if you somehow defeat the odds, and are hard working and fortunate enough that your product finds an audience … your continuous cruising license requires that every two weeks you leave your customers behind.
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london river thames body cameras on towpaths

The Canal & River Trust is to commence the use of body worn cameras for its customer service employees whose role includes day-to-day interaction with those on the towpath.  The cameras will initially be used daily by its boat licence customer support team in the Trust’s London & South East region in response to increased concerns about the potential for confrontation, abuse or harm whilst conducting their work.
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Bilgeaway - bilge filter and box water pollution award for rcr and bilgeaway

River Canal Rescue has won the British Safety Industry Federation’s Water Pollution Award for its Bilgeaway filter.  In its entry, RCR explained how Bilgeaway – the world’s first environmentally-friendly bilge discharge filter – was developed to address a well-known pollution problem.
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Priory blue space blue space research by aquavista

Analysing data on each counties’ access to lakes, canals and beaches, new research by Aquavista reveals that the residents of Cornwall have more access to blue space than any other county in England. Surprisingly and thanks to its extensive canal network, the West Midlands was found to be the county with the second most access to blue space In England.
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canal habitat along towpath crt trial to encourage wildlife by changing mowing regime on towpaths

The Canal & River Trust is beginning a six-month trial looking at the benefits of changing the mowing regime along its towpaths. The trial, which starts in April, seeks to balance the needs of boaters, anglers and others accessing the water, with the benefits to wildlife and biodiversity that a change in mowing frequency will bring.
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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash crt update on composting toilet waste disposal

The latest advice from CRT on disposal of toilet waste: If you’re considering getting a separator/compost toilet for your boat, please only do so if you have the ability to completely compost the solid waste from your toilet yourself or have access to somewhere that will do this for you. If you don’t have the ability to do this, then getting a composting/separator toilet is not the best solution for you.
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rcr bath rescue (river avon) rcr have record rate of callouts

River Canal Rescue reports the number of rescues it undertook in 2020 yet again reached a new high. Storms and lockdown restrictions were the main reasons for the unprecedented rise.   Vessels across the UK were either battered by bad weather at the start of 2020 or suffered water ingress, due to a lack of maintenance, as people struggled to get to their boats.
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Thordon Bearings help keep historic cruiser tug operational

One of the world’s oldest tugboats, the 117-year-old, steam-driven Daniel Adamson, is set to return to service offering short cruises along the River Weaver, a tributary of the fabled Mersey River in England, after the completion of a project to install new propeller shaft bearings.
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waternav rcr rcr asks boaters to trial WaterNav

River Canal Rescue has redesigned and re-launched its WaterNav app, making it freely available to all. The rescue service believes everyone should have access to the app – which allows navigation without wifi or data connection – as it improves safety and shares key information.  And in order to assist in its development, RCR is calling for all boaters to download and trial the app and give feedback.
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