five interesting boating trends

five interesting boating trends

for boat aficionados and business leaders in 2021

boating trends - model boatMaking boats and owning boats is a thing of passion. Boating aficionados around the world are always looking for the new and interesting trends that are reshaping their industry, as well as opportunities to get better gear, take better care of their boats, and even find new makes and models to invest in. From the business side, though, there is no denying that the boating industry is a highly competitive field.

Not only are more manufacturers entering the playing field every year, but leaders also need to be mindful of the environmental trends, new upkeep methods and solutions like ceramic coating, what’s in demand and what the customers want, and other industry shifts. After all, it’s the only way to get ahead in a competitive industry.

That’s why today we are taking a look at the five boating trends that are important for aficionados and business leaders alike. Here’s what you should know.

fishing is always on the rise

One of the biggest reasons people rent or buy boats nowadays is to fish, either recreationally or for commercial purposes. Recreational fishing in particular has been booming over the years around the world, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the safest recreational activities. This should come as no surprise, because fishing allows you to adhere to social distancing and gets you away from the crowds.

The sales of fishing boats are going up around the US and abroad, but it’s worth noting that fishing accessories are also being sold in larger quantities. People who are looking to upgrade their fishing boats are searching for depth finders and better motors, but also for fully equipped fishing boats that come as a complete package.

technology is transforming boat manufacturing

Technology is transforming boat manufacturingTechnology is reshaping every industry in the world, and that includes boat manufacturing and design.

Not only are manufacturers increasingly using smart systems for planning and design purposes, but they are also using hardware and robotics to streamline the manufacturing process while ensuring safety and quality.

Technology is also a big part of the interior design of modern boats, as it appeals to the modern, tech-savvy buyer. The modern boat aficionado wants to buy or rent a model that boasts integrated IoT devices and smart features, as well as better audio and video systems.

Connectivity is also a big deal, because people want to stay connected to the world through portable Wi-Fi, GPS, and signal boosters wherever they are.

efficient inflatable boats are in demand

When it comes to the popularity of certain makes and models, there is no denying that model inflatable boats are leading the pack. Currently, the Ribco inflatable boats are among the most popular in the industry because of their versatility and durability, but also the advanced features that elevate the overall boating experience.

Inflatable boats are easy to maintain and store in the off-season, and they are powerful to boot, allowing owners to traverse the waters at high speeds without compromising on safety. These boats combine luxury and functionality, and are highly sought-after among adventurers who love to go diving and snorkelling, but also yacht owners who need a smaller vessel to accompany them on their escapades.

safety is becoming a top priority

safety is becoming a priorityFor manufacturers and buyers, safety is becoming the most important factor. Manufacturers know that having a safety certificate is paramount to selling a boat to the cautious modern buyer, while the buyers are increasingly scrutinizing boats for their safety as well as aesthetics.

Safety devices and systems are becoming integral parts of boat design and assembly. Systems like kill switches that turn off engines in case of emergencies, man-overboard alarms and sensors, as well as sensors that track the state of individual systems in real time, all add to the quality, safety, and longevity of the boat.

boat renting is also on the rise

Lastly, keep in mind that the boat rental market is also rising steadily. We can expect this sector of the boating industry to keep rising in the next decade as boat rental becomes more affordable and accessible around the world.

Currently, the most popular boats range from 28 to 45 feet in length while smaller boats are in second place. It’s also worth noting that direct-to-consumer boat rentals are extremely popular, and that people are renting both crewed and unmanned vessels depending on the type and length of their trips.

wrapping up

The boating industry is on the rise around the world, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends. In 2021, these trends will dominate the sector, but we can expect them to continue driving the industry forward in the years to come, as well.

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