critters on the cut – toadily awesome

critters on the cut

toadily awesome - frogs and newts

Female common Frog showing off her Polymorphism 

Female common Frog showing off her Polymorphism

The South West of the UK is the epicentre of amphibian migration in England. Gloucestershire has a HUGE number of migration sites.

Unfortunately most of these sites cross roads, causing many casualties to amphibians.*

So nature nerds like myself and the "Frampton Toadies" go out on mild wet evenings to help the little hoppers and crawlers off the roads to safety.

You have probably all seen the "Toad" signs?

You can expect to see toads, frogs, Palmate newts, Smooth newts and the much larger and protected Great Crested newt.

By the way, you must have a licence to handle GCN or face unlimited fines and/or jail time!**

I myself do pond surveys and ID the life in the ponds I work on or build.

Always remember they are cold blooded so when you handle them, our warm hands are like a hot iron!

Interesting "Frog Fact"! 

Did you know common female British frogs have a secret trick under their skin??

They are "Polymorphic" and can make one pigment prominent in their skin. On rare occasions they turn Pink or Red!!

Luckily for you I found an incredibly Red lady recently!!!

*To find out more about toad migration see here.

**To find out more about the Great Crested Newt and the laws around protecting it see here.

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