commercial tiller pins

commercial tiller pins

make a lasting impression

With a promotional tiller pin, you can offer your customers a unique, personal and memorable gift.

Imagine your company name and logo emblazened into a Tiller Pin, you then have the perfect gift, give away or stock item for retail sale.

What a great way to keep your brand in front of your customers!

Your tiller pins offer your customers a useful, attractive and great keepsake, with your brand standing out loud.

Made from a weather and UV proof material ensuring long life.

The Tiller Pin materials available are Alluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel. By far the most popular material is the Traditional look Solid Brass.

commercial tiller pins

Unique long term promotion for...

Imagine your holiday makers actually taking home a part of the boat they enjoyed their cruise aboard!  What a great souvenier of their holiday.  Keeps your name in front of your customer and encourages repeat business.  Which holidaymaker wouldn't be surprised by this gift from you to take home at the end of their holiday?

The perfect finish to a new boat.  A Tiller Pin that will always keep your brand in front of any cruiser.

Do you offer a service or product to boaters? Use either as a great giveaway - thus keeping your name in front of your customer. Or perfect for any boat service as a giveaway or as an extra retail item.

Your marina or boatyard brand becomes a Tiller Pin.  A useful, unique and memorable gift to your customers or add-on item for retail.

A fabulous stock item added into your product range.  A keepsake for your customers.

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