ceramic coating for your boat

ceramic coating for your boat

choosing the right coat and applying it

boat with shiny varnish and coatingKeeping that beautiful boat of yours in tip-top shape throughout the year can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to protect the paint job properly. When you’re staying at those luxury properties with on-water parking spaces, for example, you want to make sure that your yacht is safe from environmental damage, or an accidental scuff against the pier. The same goes when you want to prevent damage when your boat is moored in the off season, or when you’re navigating unfamiliar marinas.

While the good old waxing was a fine choice back in the day, nowadays one of the best paint protection methods is adding a ceramic coating to the exterior of your boat. Let’s take a closer look at ceramic coating and how you can choose the best type for your vessel. Plus, we’ll tell you how to best apply it for that long-lasting shine.

reasons why you need ceramic coating :

First things first, let’s cover the basics of what makes a ceramic coating so great, and why you should bother applying it to your boat. Simply put, ceramic coating brings a higher level of protection to the exterior of your vessel than traditional waxing, and it safeguards the finish against various potential environmental dangers. For one, ceramic coating is the best tool against UV radiation and damage, as it reflects the harmful UV rays and keeps the paintjob looking vivacious and new.

While sun damage can be a big issue over the long term, you mustn’t forget that salt is also highly detrimental to the paintjob and the hull of the ship. A layer of ceramic coating will safeguard your boat from salt damage, preventing oxidation and keeping the hull in top shape throughout the year. It’s also important to note that ceramic coating can protect the paint job from light environmental damage caused by strong winds, debris, and hail.

what makes a great ceramic coating?

aerial shot of cruiser on the waterWhen it comes to choosing durable ceramic coating for boats , there are several factors you need to consider. Typically, though, this will require some research on your part, but you can start with a few key pointers. Firstly, make sure that the brand of ceramic coating is trustworthy. Do your research and look for honest reviews online where you will find out what other customers think of the product. It’s also a good idea to search for some expert opinions from industry professionals, marine mechanics, and the like.

Next, you’ll want to choose ceramic coating that is marine grade, meaning that it is made for boats specifically as opposed to just cars or appliances. You can also find excellent ceramic coating that experts in the car industry use for boats as well due to its reliability and durability.

Choosing products and brands that are good to the environment is also an important step. Make sure that the coating lasts up to two years at least with proper care and maintenance.

consider hiring a professional

Applying ceramic coating can be a time-consuming and highly delicate task. This means that you should not do it on your own if you don't have skills for that type of work, especially if you’re not experienced in ceramic coatings, priming and preparation, and other parts of the process. To apply ceramic coating for boats properly and safely, you hire an experienced team of professionals, so make sure to delegate this task to trusted mechanics in the car or marine industries.

These professionals should use only top-quality coating and possess the know-how that ensures a smooth finish and a durable coat. Ideally, the mechanics will guide you through the entire process and instruct you on how to care for your boat’s exterior to maximize the lifespan and durability of your paint job.

correct the paint job and fix any damage beforehand

birds eye view of bow of cruiserOf course, you can’t apply ceramic coating or any type of external protection before fixing and priming the paint job. Your mechanics should prime the exterior first by buffing and sanding out any irregularities, fixing any damage, and correcting the paintjob to create a seamless finish. Once that is done, they can start adding the ceramic coating to seal the surface and give it the level of protection it deserves to keep your boat looking pretty.

be patient but consider adding a second coat

To maximize the potential of ceramic coating, you have to wait for it to settle and cure. Typically,  top-quality ceramic coating takes at least eight hours to cure, and you should wait at least 24 hours before exposing your boat to water. Be sure to wait additional seven days before using any abrasive cleaning products as well.

Finally, you should consider adding a second coat. Your mechanic should suggest this addition, but if they didn’t, then be sure to ask for it as it will help smooth out the surface, eliminate any irregularities in the coating, and improve protection.

wrapping up

Caring for your vessel is imperative if you want to safeguard your investment. Make sure you take good care of the exterior by choosing the right ceramic coating and having professionals handle the process, and your boat will be in top shape all year round.

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