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returning to the standedge tunnel

Sorry for my long hiatus but it’s good to be back writing again.  Last autumn I made a couple of return visits to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal where I did some short walks to and from Standedge Tunnel from both the Eastern and Western portals.  Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I always feel the autumn colours are special on this canal particularly around Lock 21W in Uppermill, Saddleworth.

Standedge Tunnel painting by Dawn Smallwood

One of the highlights was stopping at the Watersedge Café by the tunnel (Eastern portal) for its wonderful pumpkin soup and homemade bread, a perfect antidote, and a lovely place to reflect and relax.

I did a through trip of the tunnel a few years ago and it was a unique experience.  I travelled from the Diggle portal to the Marsden one.  It’s a long ride, approximately two hours, but certainly an experience one needs to do to experience the tunnel’s superlatives – longest, deepest, and highest tunnel in Britain.

standedge tunnel painting by Dawn Smallwood

Boats trips are now up and running so I took a shorter boat trip (the through trips aren’t currently available) from Marsden.  I had Stuart, an interesting and informative volunteer guide, who gave me a lot of facts and information about the tunnel and its related history and legends.  I feel I’ve got a lot from this trip especially learning about the facts and stories.

I’m an artist, my Instagram page is below, and I painted the pictures below depicting what is inside the tunnel with its waterfall feel and geological colours.  I also painted a picture on the Eastern side of the canal.

standedge tunnel painting by Dawn Smallwood

Huddersfield Narrow Canal is one of my favourite waterways.  It is known as the “Everest” of the canals and one of the seven wonders of the waterways. Now travel is opening up again, I look forward to exploring the waterways whether they are new ones or revisiting my favourite ones.  I can’t wait to post my explorations here.

Instagram page: @artwithdawns

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