pigs to plastics

pigs to plastics

a clever idea leads to a new way of life

pig looking at cameraA long long time ago, almost as far back as I can remember, my father had a pig farm. While growing up on the farm my friends and I used to catch rides on the backs of the pigs. We used to get covered in muck - well you know what pigs are like for wallowing in it!

While I was still trying hard to educate myself at secondary school, my father designed a plastic Ad-lib feed hopper for his pigs. A few years passed and things slowly started to develop. Feed reps started calling and then selling the feed hoppers on to other pig farmers. And so the word spread.

wine, women & songbrown horse looking over stable door

By this time I had left the hard working life of secondary school and fell straight into self employment. I didn’t even have time to have a year out. So much for days of wine, wild women and song...

Years passed by and the feed hoppers were a success. Then a family friend suggested we try making tanks for horse boxes, so we did. This was really the start of things. If we could make tanks for horse boxes, we could make tanks for anything. So, what about tanks for boats?

We placed an advert in Canal Boat Magazine and Waterway World. Our manufacture of tanks for boats really took off and sales of the Ad-lib feed hopper started to drop.

plastic piggy bank

I now have a purpose built unit, 6 minutes walk from home with CNC and laser cutting machine.

We manufacture a wide range of products, from poultry nest-boxes, dog boxes, and acrylic tanks,  to water and waste tanks -  anything and everything!

So there you have it 24 years in brief of Pigs to Plastic.

Jason Goodwin, Goodwin Plastics

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