it’s getting hot in here

the boating bard

it's getting hot in here

It's getting hot in here
Like sitting in a furnace
We're both in our under gear
Why did no one warn us?

We've gone one log too many
It's 3000 f'fing degrees
We've got everything wide open
and we can barely breathe

Our spuds are near cremated
We fear we will combust
Hotter than the earth's mantle
Or Mount Vesu-vius


log fire blazing

We're worried about our firebricks
Concerned our glass will crack
Our temperature gauge on overdrive
Our stove fan on full whack

You'll probably find us melted
A pool where once we sat
Mines the chair with pants and bra
Not y-fronts and flat cap

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I have been living full time with my husband on my narrowboat Lucy for the past 3 years and have reignited a childhood passion of poetry writing. I have a number of boat related poems. 'Bouffant Boating Blues' is about boat hair; 'Damp' is about Boating Feet...