the boating bard


I've got boater's feet
And I think I know why
Mostly kept in moist conditions
Now they need to air dry

Flip flops are quite breezy
But I don't like them in wet grass
And sliders and boats don't mix
You end up on your ass

Rubber boots are not conducive
To keeping your digits dry
And tights pulled up to kingdom come
Just cause a rising tide

That sock and croc combo
Encourages sweating beneath
With athletes' foot and fungal toes
What I need is two webbed feet


muddy boots in mud

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About Mandy McDermott

I have been living full time with my husband on my narrowboat Lucy for the past 3 years and have reignited a childhood passion of poetry writing. I have a number of boat related poems. 'Bouffant Boating Blues' is about boat hair; 'Damp' is about Boating Feet...