clear blue loo, brought to you

clear blue loo brought to you

by wessex chemical factors

The family run business based just outside Bournemouth started out supplying the engineering industry with lubricants and cleaners, but over the years have developed solutions for a myriad of different industries, becoming specialists in marine, motor-home and leisure applications.

The secret to their success is their willingness to work with their customers to find the right solution for every job, concentrating on lower costs and environmental safety at every step in the process.

No other product illustrates this versatility more than their groundbreaking environmentally friendly toilet fluid Blue Bio. Launched at a time when 99% of the leisure industry used formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde based products that simply preserve waste until it can be off loaded at a suitable processing station to be treated as hazardous waste, Blue Bio was a game changer.

A new generation, multi-purpose toilet fluid that could be used in cassette, waste and flush tanks in motorhomes, boats and narrowboats, but also suitable for septic tanks, boat holding tanks and grey tanks, Blue Bio quickly became an essential part of many boat and caravan owners 'must have' products and the reason for this was simple. Blue Bio was different.

Working alongside mother nature, Blue Bio utilises natural live bacteria to break down waste meaning that at no point in the process is your waste ever classed as hazardous or chemical waste, greatly reducing our customers impact on the environment and reducing disposal charges as their waste could simply be flushed down a toilet.

Blue Bio quickly became one of the company’s fasting selling products, with Linda French of Ownasharecruising becoming one of our best customers, using the product across her fleet of narrowboats.

Last year however Linda contacted us with some feedback that would change everything. Something that’s unique to narrowboats is that many of them have stunning wooden interiors that even with the washable dye mbv could easily become stained or tarnished by the colour of Blue Bio if a spillage occurred, so whilst Linda’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive she did ask the question of whether or not a clear version could be produced.

Taking this on board, we developed a prototype clear version which Linda kindly set about testing, finding it to be the perfect product for use in toilet tanks within all their boats. Linda told us “all boaters that have trialled this new Clear Blue Bio have reported that it successfully cleans the toilet as well as getting rid of all bad odours, with the improved fragrance of the fluid also being very well received”.

Linda also highlighted that the improvement of adding citric acid to the formula prolongs the life of the seal in the toilet as it doesn’t scale up as quickly, making it rare that you need to do anything more to look after the toilet tank. Linda feels that one of the main benefits of Clear Blue Bio (and Blue Bio before it) is that it can also be used to clean the toilet bowl itself and this multi-purpose function is incredibly valuable when you are restricted as to which products you can use to clean your pride and joy.

Summing up, Linda told us “In a time where we are all more focussed on making sure out actions are environmentally friendly, Clear Blue Bio is the perfect product to use on all narrowboats and canal boats.

We know it contains no nasty chemicals so there are no concerns for our health either. Clear Blue Bio is a product we highly recommend for treating toilet tanks in all boats”.

Wessex Chemical Factors (WCF) is a family-run, specialist chemical company that has been trading since 1983

We design and develop specialist chemical products for the marine and boating industry delivering superior cleaning and valeting solutions for all boats and yachts.

What makes us unique is that we work closely with our customers to develop bespoke and innovative cleaning and treatment solutions based on their needs. We also constantly test and develop our existing product range to ensure they are as effective as possible and easy to use.

All of our products are designed, manufactured and supplied by us and our factory is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and run by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) trained staff.

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