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THE VETUS BOW PRO THRUSTER SERIES - the best of all worlds!

This (r)evolution from VETUS is a combination of our renowned electric bow thruster series and the latest induction motor technology. We are pleased to present the all-new BOW PRO thrusters, the best of both worlds!


Vetus pro bow thrusterPrecision control at your fingertips, you command as little or as much power as needed!

• Fully proportional control from zero to full power

• Endurance Rated Run-time - In excess of 5 minutes at full power

• Maintenance-free brushless motor

• Sealed ingress protection construction - motor sealed for improved corrosion resistance in damp environments

• Built-in over-temp and low battery voltage protection

• Suitable for highly demanding applications (e.g. for use in rental & charter vessels)

Revolutionary concept matched with proven technology

Our BOW PRO thrusters use proven induction motors without carbon brushes. As a result, the bow thruster motor is maintenance-free and has Endurance Rated* run-time!

Why is this important? A conventional DC motor creates a lot of heat and the running time is limited by the amount of heat it can dissipate. Typically this could be just 3 minutes in an hour before the thermal cut-out trips. The carbon brushes in a DC motor also wear. The higher the current and heat, the faster this happens and can cause a lot of black carbon dust in the boat. The BOW PRO has none of these issues.

The induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller which can handle both 12 V or 24 V on board systems, making the new BOW PRO thruster suitable for almost all boats. The built-in over-temp and low battery voltage protection, combined with the brushless induction motor make the BOW PRO thruster series highly resistant to abuse and ideal for beginners or experienced users alike!

The BOW PRO thruster is controlled by a proprietary CANBUS protocol (digital control) network. There are two fully-proportional panels available for the BOW PRO thruster series; one standard panel (BPPPA) and one panel with lock-and-hold capability for easy docking (BPPJA).

BOW PRO thrusters utilize the same propellers and gearboxes proven in VETUS thrusters for over 30 years. Upgrading a boat with an existing thruster to a BOW PRO thruster is easily achieved as the BOW PRO thruster was made to share tunnel sizes with current VETUS thrusters as well as many other brands.

*BOW PRO thrusters will run for 5 minutes at full power, providing the battery bank allows this. After this time they will automatically reduce the power output, but will continue to run until the battery is depleted. If less than full power is used from the outset, then the run time is greatly extended!

All this technology is available for not significantly more than a conventional DC thruster and the installation costs are roughly the same. If you are considering installing or changing your bow thruster then ask whether you will get the following benefits:

  • Full proportional control from zero to full speed.
  • Option for “lock and hold” control panel. Set the thruster at whatever speed you choose and lock it running while you moor the boat.
  • Brushless sealed motor with no maintenance, no wearing parts and no carbon dust.
  • Long run times. Five minutes or more at full power and considerably longer at lower speeds.
  • No thermal cut out. The motor will continue running as long as the battery bank allows.

Boating Leisure Services were one of the first builders in the UK to install a BOW PRO thruster. They fitted model BOWA0651 into their new narrow boat displayed at Crick Boat Show in May 2018.

installation of Vetus bow thrusterBoth the owner and his employees were very impressed with the system.

After a trial of the boat in the windy Heyford Fields Marina, business owner Gary Manning said “The installation is as easy as any other thruster. It is the best system I have ever used and well worth the money.” When Gary was asked whether he would install a Vetus Bow Pro again, he said “Definitely! It is an amazing bit of kit and it re-invents how thrusters can be used with a whole new concept. I’m very impressed!”

The installation looked neat and tidy with ventilation either side of the locker. The noise from the thruster is lower and less harsh than a standard DC thruster giving a smooth operating noise.

The system is powered by 2 x 105Ah batteries. Controller used is the BPPJA proportional “lock and hold” joystick.

Installation of Vetus Bow Pro Thruster     joystick control for Vetus bow thruster

To find out more about this amazing new thruster range, please click here to view the brochure or talk to a Vetus dealer.

Boat control has never been easier!

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