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Whether you are an aspiring boater, a part-time enthusiast, live aboard permanent cruiser, holiday maker, towpath user, or someone who simply lives or works beside our inland waterways, you have come to the right place.

CanalsOnline Magazine is written and published for you! Within our constantly updated content you will always find gallons of stuff to keep you occupied, informed and entertained, with useful information to answer your questions and special features of interest to stir your imagination!

products & services

two classified directories. . . one marketplace!

We've created two separate resources to make finding the lifestyle products or services you require as intuitive and effortless as possible.   Browse a huge range of products and accessories for your narrowboat, wide beam, Dutch barge or cruiser. Plus those elusive and very specialist services you need to help keep your vessel in tip top condition. And don't forget, if you enjoy particularly good service from a waterways company or individual, please let us know.


a waterways guide

to every navigable canal and river in the uk

You will find every navigable canal & river in the UK listed here,  each with its own detailed guide.   Organised by region and waterway system for ease of use,  this invaluable resource is perfect for holiday boaters and seasoned cruisers alike.

Find the nearest bank,  eatery,  pub,  supermarket,  Post Office,  or any other facility you may ever need,  all within easy reach of the cut and recommended for inclusion by fellow boaters.



a social group for anyone interested in our inland waterways

Why not join our Facebook group [faceboat] to share your interests and experiences, ask questions and offer advice to other members. Upload photos and comments, chat and connect with other like-minded people across the UK, and beyond.

features & editorial

for your interest & entertainment

Read articles written by professionals and guest contributors on many aspects of waterway life.   From technical information to canal capers,  you're sure to find something of interest. And if you feel like taking the plunge and writing an article yourself, don't hesitate to contact us.


. . .featured in this issue

win! a cobb oven/bbq


Enter our free prize draw to win a Cobb Oven/BBQ. Perfect for outdoor cooking this summer - on the towpath, on the roof of your boat, or, if you are a landlubber, great in your garden. Click on the picture above to enter. 

holidays afloat


Have you thought about a holiday on board a narrowboat? If you have been on narrowboat holidays before, you will know of the wonders they have to offer.  Relaxing, adventurous and a unique way of seeing the countryside.

the blacksmith's craft


Meet Brian the Blacksmith who has been living and working aboard his narrowboat Emily for 30 years. During that time he and his wife Jane have raised two children, and Brian has perfected his art.

your post sorted


How do you manage your post if you live aboard your boat and do not have the luxury of a postal address? A PO Box doesn't work for important things like driving licences. We may have found the solution for you!

pigs to plastics

pigs to plastics

We've heard about milkmen who become pilots, but here we have the story of a pig farmer who becomes the manager of an enormous plastics company. Read all about his incredible journey which took nearly a quarter of a century!

news & events

cropredy fairport convention

We bring you a complete list of waterway events including  festivals, RCTA floating markets, boat jumbles, and historic boat gatherings. We also aim to bring you snippets of waterway news...