a brand new chapter

a brand new chapter

"more time for you"

2009 was an eventful year, Barack Obama became America's first black president, James Cameron’s “Avatar” was smashing all box office records to become the highest grossing film of all time and 155 passengers aboard an Airbus A320 flight experienced a miracle on the Hudson River. 2009 was also an exciting year for Aqueduct Marina, as this was the year we opened our doors for the very first time, following years of planning and hard work from the Parton family.

It’s fair to say that since 2009 a lot has changed, Mr. Obama is no longer the president, “Avatar” is still the highest grossing film, but more people are watching the small screen instead of the big and I am sure there are a few people on the Thames instead of the Hudson that are wishing for a miracle of their own. In this changing landscape we believe that leisure time is more precious than ever and whether you spend it fishing, on the golf course, reading or boating it’s a vital part of a balanced lifestyle.

Aqueduct MarinaOur ambition as we opened the doors on the 14th Feb 2009 was to create Cheshire’s premier marina complex, utilising the marina's fantastic cruising location and brand-new facilities.

Over the following years the marina became established and developed to include more and more services to meet our customers’ needs.

This collective of knowledge and facilities or “One Stop Solution” is something we are very proud of but as we approached our ten-year celebration we naturally started to think about the next ten years.  At this point we started to look at our “brand” or as a  cleverer person than me once said “the thing people say  about you when you’re not in the room”.

what’s behind the new logo’s design?

When designing the new logo, we wanted something uncomplicated that incorporated the Aqueduct we are named after as this is the perfect symbol for our future vision, a strong, stable, solution to a problem that enables people to enjoy their leisure time.”

isn’t re-branding expensive?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that rebranding has a financial cost involved but one thing we wanted to ensure from day one was that the costs didn’t impact on Moorers. We have a marketing budget every year and through savings last year we have been able to accommodate these changes with no impact on proposed plans for improving and maintaining the site. Therefore, the only impact on Moorers should be positive as we roll out the new branding.”

Aqueduct Marina new logowhy have you changed your tag line?

For the last few years we have developed around the “one stop solution” tag line and although this highlights that we have all services on one site we felt it didn’t represent the company's growing desire to improve people’s leisure time and be more customercentric. The “more time for you” obviously is a play on words around moorings but also indicates our commitment to create more time for you to enjoy boating. What we aim to achieve through offering all the services and knowledgeable staff on one site is that we can quickly solve issues and provide better solutions. This will enable you to spend more time on the water and less time on problems.”

when will the re-brand happen?

We  launched the new brand on the 27th March with a website update and over the weeks following you will see additional improvements being installed across the site. By the end of April, we aim to have everything switched over to the new branding. But our development and commitment to improving people’s leisure time is something we aim to pursue for years to come”.

Aqueduct Marina Logo"In a world that is getting faster, where time is more precious, Aqueduct Marina stands for something. Imagine more - more time to enjoy, relax, laugh - more time for you."
A modern, award winning marina on the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union near Nantwich.

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