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Canal living is particularly attractive to retirees… as a result, the boating community tends to be significantly older, on average, than the population at large (the latest reliable estimates suggest that, since the turn of the millennium, the mean age of a permanent boater had risen by a little over four years, to 59).

Sadly, the wisdom of age is served with a generous side order of underlying health conditions, ominously referred to in these pandemic times as 'co-morbidities'.  Here is your chance to become one of the many people now using MyAlerts!

Everyone should read about MyAlerts! - particularly if you have pets. Onboard or on land.

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The fundamental aim of MyAlerts! is to make first responders aware of any existing health issues you have, or medications you are taking, which may affect their treatment choices in the event that you suffer a medical emergency or accident.

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If you live alone and have the misfortune to be incapacitated, there is no need to worry about your pets being abandoned.  MyAlerts! includes a section dedicated to ensuring that they will be safe and looked after in your absence.

To find out more about MyAlerts! Click alerts!

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    Winner of our Autumn prize draw is Andy Nichols - NB Cousin Jack who walks away with a Stirling Stove Fan. We are sure this will keep him warmer in the Winter days to come. See what Andy won here.