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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Autumn Edition of CanalsOnline Magazine. It is certainly beginning to feel like autumn and we have even had the stove going for the past few nights - unheard of in August! We do feel that we have been cheated out of a summer, although I expect in some parts of the country it has been sunny and warm.

Once again we have a good selection of editorial pieces from our regular, long-standing contributors. We also have a few new contributors in the pipeline, so watch this space.

We also have a new Free Prize Draw for you. This season the prize is a stunning Steelhead Stirling Engine Stove Fan - a beautiful piece of kit from Warpfive Fans. There is an editorial piece from Warpfive about their Stirling Engines (under Latest Features) - well worth a read.

The usual reminder: we always appreciate your comments on any aspects of the magazine. You can Write for Us  or become an Active Cruiser and help us keep our waterway guides up to date.

Finally, if you have not yet joined [faceboat] it is a great way to join in with the waterways community - we welcome photos, stories, boating tips, questions, recommendations - anything to do with the waterways.

Happy Reading!


guest editorials

whimbrel - a tale of love
source - Frank Sanderson
whimbrel re-launchColin Ogden uses lockdown as the opportunity to do something momentous in his late wife Lynda's memory. He completely restores her beloved boat, Whimbrel, and relaunches her.
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epic endurance challenge 2022
by Steve Mandaluffjooles Paillin epic enduranceJooles Paillin, a 39 year old mother who lives just outside Nottingham, will be taking up the Tallisker Whisky Challenge and rowing 3000 miles across the atlantic in 2022.
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caraboat helter skelter
by Neil McGarrycaraboat at Ferry Nabb, WindermereNeil McGarry tells us how he came to buy a 1973 caravan/boat, restoring it to its former glory and then exploring much of our inland waterways in it.
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boating and france
by Paul McGrane
French locksPaul McGrane discusses the pros and cons of boating in France and tells us what we would need to do before taking our own boat or a hire boat on French waterways.
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