Become an Affiliate

what is an affiliate?

…spread the word and earn extra income

An 'Affiliate' is someone who earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. If you enjoy our magazine, then why not let your friends in business know about CanalsOnline so that they can benefit too?

Our Affiliates have a very specific audience to whom they market, generally adhering to our audience’s interests. You will have a defined niche that helps you attract consumers who will be most likely to act on your promotion.

what are the benefits?

Our affiliates receive a piece of the profit from each sale resulting from their promotions!

Apart from the revenue potential, there are other benefits to becoming an Affiliate;

  • Work your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Work local
  • Unlimited earning potential

about you…

Ideally you will be self motivated, enthusiastic and enjoy communicating with others. Living on or near the water or being actively involved in the canal and river network, with some understanding of the needs of boaters, both recreational and live-aboard, would be of benefit.

how much can I earn?

How long is that piece of string? With a commission on every lead you generate that results in a sale, the sky's the limit!

…no selling involved!

Sales do not need to be gained by you. You are simply generating qualified leads for our team. We provide you with high quality promotion cards and complete back up.

Should you be confident enough to seal your own deal, rewards are even higher.


Complete the form and we will be happy to send you our Affiliate Programme pack.