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battery management systems by adverc

Twenty-seven years of study and development have gone into optimising alternator battery charging which, presently, permits only 60% - 70% state-of-charge using conventional voltage regulation.

The result is the well-proven ADVERC Battery Management System.

adverc battery management The underlying principle is that batteries should be charged fully, quickly, safely and without damage to batteries and alternator. This is achieved, firstly, by cycling the battery voltages to an established programme, at a nominal 14.0-14.4v (12v systems) or 27.5-28.5v (24v systems).

The cycling programme is normally: 5 minutes @ 14.0 volts, followed by 15 minutes @ 14.4 volts. After four 20 minute cycles, there is a 'rest period' of up to 40 minutes i.e. at the lower voltage, depending on the battery state-of-charge and electrical duty-cycle.

These voltage values lie either side of the battery gassing voltage, ensuring rapid charging without the battery actually gassing. Voltage settings will accommodate most battery types including gel. Ni-cads etc., require a special setting.Adverc Battery Management systems

The charging voltages will automatically adjust for ambient temperature variations around the batteries, an important consideration e.g. a voltage increase with cold ambient temperature and vice versa.

The net result is more efficient alternator performance, compensation for voltage losses in the system (including that across blocking-diodes), accompanied by considerably reduced engine running time e.g. 50%.

NOTE: ADVERC is a controller not a booster.

There is no forced feeding of the batteries.

Adverc Battery Management SystemsADVERC simply creates the correct voltage climate at the batteries, which then takes what they want in terms of charging current. Heavily discharged batteries can expect and obtain a high alternator output, whilst well-charged batteries will take much less.

Battery and alternator life are considerable improved but the main benefit comes from having more available battery capacity at one's disposal, two to three times, without having to install extra batteries and bigger alternators.

Twin alternators on single or twin engines can be accommodated by a single ADVERC system, making ADVERC ideal for catamarans, twin-engined motor-cruisers and single engines with twin alternators. Improvements in nett charging of up to 145% have been achieved.

Adverc Battery Management SystemsOver the years, ADVERC has provided a variety of solutions in the marine and automotive sectors, from Round the World Yachts to Supermarket Trucks, Ambulances, Bomb Disposal and Security Vehicles etc.

Our company ADVERC BM LTD is based in the West Midlands and has been in business since 1983.

We have a proven track record, built up over that period of time, for providing excellent products, and backing that up with a direct contact service through our Technical Staff.

AdvercAs a small specialist company we have never forgotten the value of our customers, and have developed an excellent reputation in our chosen markets for finding SOLUTIONS to the many battery related problems presented to us. Our PRODUCT range, which is forever expanding, has shown itself to be reliable, cost effective and extremely durable.

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